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The U.S. Ski Team Officially Has Marvel-Inspired Superhero Jumpsuits Now

Captain America and Captain Marvel are the inspiration behind the latest U.S. Ski team jumpsuits.

It's not just your eyes playing tricks if you think that the U.S. Ski Team is looking extra patriotic these days. Thanks to a collaboration between Spyder and Marvel, the team has received an incredible new supply of heroic uniforms.

This past Thursday Spyder, the teams official supplier, announced a two-year partnership with Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media to create the new Marvel themed performance products as they stated in the official release:

U.S. Ski Team members will be outfitted in race suits donning Marvel’s Captain America and Captain Marvel, two iconic Super Heroes that embody the strength and amazing abilities demonstrated by both elite athletes and Marvel’s Super Heroes.

Although most professional ski clothing already looks similar to the standard superhero suits, now the U.S. Team will officially be one step closer to the uniforms we already know and love. The men's and women's teams will officially debut their heroic uniforms this fall at the FIS Alpine World Cup Championships which takes place this February in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Some launch pictures have surfaced on Twitter, and they all look absolutely badass, take a look.

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The U.S. Ski Team Officially Has Marvel-Inspired Superhero Jumpsuits Now
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