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The Wacky World Drive-In Podcast

It's a Wacky World out there and they have it covered.

The Whacky World Drive-In podcast is hosted by musician/writer Robert S. Gray and by Dick Vincent of the Oak Drive-In Theater.  These podcasters just started last year and have recorded 9 shows so far with plans for more in the future, currently they are on hiatus now. The hosts discuss topics such as collectables, exploitation movies, sci-fi and horror movies as well.  The episodes consist of a conversation between the two hosts and are about one hour in length.  Rob also has a blog site where he discusses a variety of topics; everything from music to movies, and comics. While Dick can be found on the Oak Drive-In.  The blog site talks about horror, grindhouse, cult and film noir movies. 

The First Podcast

This is the very first podcast of the series.  The podcasters introduce themselves and explain about what Monster Kids are all about.  Mr. Vincent refers back to the 60's when Universal studios was releasing some of their Monster Horror movies from the 30's and 40's to syndication.  Also at the same time magazines, model kits and horror TV hosts came to the attention of grade school children.  This helped create a sub-culture of grade school children who would become fans of the Monsters of Film land.

The Second Episode of the Series

This is the first podcast I listen to and it is also my favorite.  This podcast deals with popular sci-fi movies such as The Star Wars Franchise, Fire in the Sky, and 50's B-grade Sci-Fi movies.  This episode includes sound bytes from some cool 50's Sci-Fi movies such as Angry Red Planet.

This is an Interesting One

This podcast starts out with Mr. Gray talking about interesting pick up lines from different counties.  This podcast discusses movies and other subject matter in regards to the topic of Satan.  There is a lively discussion of Anton LeVay, the founder of the Church of Satan.  Rob talks about when he got his first Alice Cooper album. 

The First Listener Episode

This is the 5th episode of the series.  The hosts talk about how they now have a small following of listeners after only podcasting for a short while.  The main focus of this episode is the request to discuss topics that listeners have sent in, stories involving creepy dolls in movies and TV shows is one of first request.

An Example of Robert's Music

Robert S. Gray is one of three musicians with a rock group called Vampstar.  The group has a mixture of disco, hard rock, lounge music with influence from 70's exploitation movies.  Mr. Gray provides vocals, plays guitar, and bass.

Where to Find this Podcast

The Wacky World Drive-in podcast can be found on the website and off of iTunes as well.  You can follow wacky world on twitter @driveinwhacky.  Rob also has a twitter page at @therobgray.  For the best listening, I would recommend that you use podomatic via streaming.

Why I Like Listening to this Podcast

I first learned of the this podcast last summer through twitter interactions with a follower.  I took a look at their show and got hooked.  I enjoy how the hosts reminisce on their childhood and talk about the same subjects I enjoyed when I was growing up back in the day.  Whether it is about a toy, movie, or even a favorite department store that is now non-existent, it can be a trip down memory lane.  So for anyone who has an interest in theses topics tune in and listen, I don't think you will be disappointed. 

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The Wacky World Drive-In Podcast
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