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The Walking Dead Season 6: Why Glenn 'MUST' Die

Whilst Glenn apparently became zombie chow at the end of episode three, here's betting why he makes it back alive, but why he still MUST die.

"Help".... The faint cracking over a walkie-talkie at the end of last week's The Walking Dead episode 'Always Accountable' adds fuel to the fire that a certain Glenn Rhee survived a recent run in with some walkers. It won't be long before Daryl Dixon is in saviour mode, rushing to help another damsel in distress and in a secret that is worse kept that the resurrection of Jon Snow, it is more than likely the person on the other end is Steven Yeun's Glenn. Whilst Glenn apparently became zombie chow at the end of episode three, here's betting why he makes it back alive, but why he still MUST die.

IMDB currently lists Steven Yeun in 70 episodes of The Walking Dead, placing sixth place to his wife Lauren Cohan as Maggie Green, but just last week Yeun was listed at 81 episodes, moving to joint third place and tying with Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon. Even for such a long-standing character, falling off a dumpster into a horde of gnashing teeth is a pretty sure-fire way to get yourself killed. Following Glenn's *death* , die hard 'Dead Heads' quickly took to Twitter to troll show runner Scott Gimple for his demise. "We will never watch the show again" is soon to be replaced with "Yey Glenn's back" as the internet (nearly) broke down with conspiracy theories, articles and eagle eyed commentary. But as ever with The Walking Dead, how long is Glenn really back for?

For those who follow Robert Kirkman's comic book series of the same name, the paper version of Glenn meets a sticky end in issue #100 after becoming fodder for a character called Negan. Arguably one of the best issues to date. Now for the TV show, it is clear that the latest Terminus signposts are aiming at the next big bad in this form, meaning Negan is going to cause some big trouble in little Alexandria. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen, Grey's Anatomy) was recently cast as Negan, who has always been lined up to be the next iconic villain after David Morrissey's, The Governor. We were promised a wait - that wait is finally over. Whilst enjoying the whole Alexandria storyline, it feels as if the new characters are a bit 'meh'. Aaron and Deanna are nice enough, but they don't draw you in like Michonne first did. The only stand out addition from Alexandria is Morgan, a character we have known since day one. If Jeffrey Dean Morgan is to make his mark and stamp himself as a real threat to the group, he needs to do something big.

Negan with Lucille

Negan's trademark is a barb wire wrapped bat called Lucille, which let's face it has been toyed with for a while. All the way back in the season five premiere Glenn and Daryl were lined up for the slaughter and it looked as one of them might be meeting the bat sooner than later. There was even some nifty promo work in the trailer of a bat being swung at Glenn, but we weren't fooled. One season later and we still can't see Lucille... Isn't it time that she 'stepped up to the bat'?

We all know The Walking Dead likes to swap out character deaths, Hershel took on the roll of Tyreese, being brutally beheaded by eye-patch flaunting lunatic The Governor. However, a death as big as Glenn and in such an iconic way, they would be fools not to stay true to source material. Imagine Game of Thrones if Ned Stark hadn't got the chop, or if Joffrey had lived happily ever after.

Secondly, the rumour mill is working full steam that Glenn's wife Maggie is with child, something that Rick's wife Laurie knows all too well wont end well. What better bitter-sweet ending could be better that reuniting the lovers, only to have Glenn cruelly snatched away from Maggie just after she drops the news that there will soon be a bouncing baby boy on the horizon?

Glenn and Maggie, star crossed lovers

This idea isn't new to The Walking Dead, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The hospital premise from last season was met with mixed reviews, but undoubtedly the highlight was the death of Beth Greene when briefly united with the group. Follow this formula and it certainly packs the punch it intended, so if AMC really wants to break the internet, get the batter up and make it quick.

Glenn's death in issue #100

Despite show runners declaring that no one is safe in The Walking Dead, we all know the likes of Rick and Daryl won't be going anywhere any time soon, unfortunately for Glenn Rhee he has slipped into that category of 'been around a while, pretty safe.' Sadly TWD isn't the kind of show where you just walk off into the sunset holding hands, so why wouldn't AMC celebrate the Season 6 Mid-season finale in the way the comic books celebrated their centenary issue?

What ever the outcome we are sure to be seeing our favourite pizza delivery boy some time soon, we just hopes he gets the send off he deserves.

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The Walking Dead Season 6: Why Glenn 'MUST' Die
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