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Top 10 Sandra Bullock Movies

Best Bullock Movies You Should Check Out!

America’s sweetheart! The girl next door! She’s Sandra Bullock! I’ve made a list of 10 of her best movies, hard to pick considering I love them all! Not going to lie, if that woman is in a movie...I have it on DVD.

1. ‘Speed’—1994

Crime/Disaster Film

Speed is the movie that first brought attention to Sandra, everyone told her to pass it on because it was a “bus movie,” but look at her now! 

Annie Porter was getting on her usual bus like any other day when Keanu Reeves, who played Jack Traven, has a little car chase to reach the bus and hopped onto join them. Informing them that the bus had a bomb on it, if they reached under a certain speed it would go off. They maneuver around many situations that arise all while keeping the bus driving at the speed it needs to be at, Jack has to figure out how to get everybody out safely while being watched by the bomber who has eyes everywhere played by Dennis Hopper. It was so good they made a sequel! Not with Keanu Reeves, but Jason Patric and our girl Sandra in Speed 2: Cruise Control—1997!

2. ‘While You Were Sleeping’—1995


While You Were Sleeping is about Lucy Moderatz, a transit token collector who watches the same man every day. Peter Callaghan played by Peter Gallagher, dreaming about him. One day she sees him fall onto the tracks one day and rushes to his side. He's brought to the hospital and in a coma, where a nurse mistakenly thinks she is his fiance, announcing this to his family, they welcome her with open arms. Afraid to tell them the truth, she goes along with it, getting to know his family and getting to know Peter's brother Jack, played by Bill Pullman, very well. 

Lucy falls in love with Jack and their whole family, while fearing what will come when Peter wakes up. One of Sandra's classic movies, and around the time she started getting more attention in Hollywood. This sweet story of finding love and family all in one is for people who enjoy that wholesome loving image. I think it's one of her best earlier movies.

3. ‘Practical Magic’—1998


My mother isn’t a fan of movies with “witches” and “magic” so I had to wait a bit to eventually watch this one, but after a few attempts of asking her to get it for me, I finally bought it myself. This was years ago and I still laugh about it to myself...anyways!

Alongside Bullock who plays Sally Owens is Nicole Kidman! Who plays her sister Gillian Owens! As children their parents died, their Mom from a “broken heart” and their Dad from a “curse” that has plagued the Owens women for years. Destined to die alone, the girls move in with their aunts and soon learn the town they reside in does not take nicely to the Owens family because they are, you guessed it, witches. The girls part ways in their lives Sally falling in love and having two daughters of her own, Gillian off living a party life elsewhere. Brought back together after tragic events, they have to use their magic to rid of a now ex-boyfriends of Gillian’s, all while breaking the curse for Sally’s newfound love interest played by Aidan Quinn.

4. ‘Miss Congeniality’—2000


Probably her most well-known role, especially for those around my age. “Gracie Hart” an FBI agent or as she goes by while undercover in a Miss United States pageant “Gracie Lou Freebush.” Originally a tom boy, she undergoes a huge makeover (hence the sassy walk up above) to “look the part” of a pageant girl. Originally a tom boy she struggles to be the poised and delicate women she is supposed to appear as, she learns what it is to be more of a woman, making female friends in the process. Gracie learns new respect for these girls while kicking butt. Alongside her co-stars Michael Caine, William Shatner, Benjamin Bratt, Ernie Hudson, Candice Bergen, and Heather Burns. 

I mean really, if you haven’t seen this Sandra Bullock you know who Sandra Bullock is??! If you haven’t, I definitely suggest giving it a watch. This was the first movie of hers I’d seen when I became the age to recognize who is who in this crazy movie filled world!

5. ‘28 Days’—2000


28 Days may hit home with some people, it's about Gwen Cummings a troubled woman who has to spend 28 court-ordered days in rehab. It's very real and deep hitting with those who struggle with those things, Sandra spent some time in a rehab center researching this role. 

There Gwen learns about accepting help from others, learning to forgive herself and her past. It's revealed her mother also struggled with similar addictions while they were children until she passed away. Gwen's sister played by Elizabeth Perkins has grown into a model adult and has a lot of negative feelings towards her sister. In rehab, Gwen also makes a lot of friends including a romantic interest, a famous baseball player Eddie Boone played by Viggo Mortensen and also learns it's time to let go of any bad influences she has in her life which would include her boyfriend Jasper played by Dominic West. Obviously one of my top favorites of hers.

6. ‘Two Weeks Notice’—2002


Lucy Kelson spends most of her days fighting for buildings she doesn't want to be knocked down. This is how she meets George Wade played by Hugh Grant, a wealthy man who is the one knocking down these buildings. Lucy goes to him begging to keep her beloved community center from being knocked down, he enjoys her forwardness and hires her as an assistant on the spot. Only taking the job to save her community center she blossoms into an on-call 24/7 assistant for George. Catering to his every whim, not without complaint of course. After finally being fed up, she puts in her two weeks notice, in those two weeks are a series of events that reveals more of Lucy to George and in the end, they fall in love. A classic rom-com and one of her serious yet funny characters, recommended for those who enjoy simple yet sweet love stories.

7. ‘The Proposal’—2009


Definitely a high peak for Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. They did SO GOOD in The Proposal, one of the funniest movies of that year. 

Margaret Tate is a hard ass boss, who is going to be deported back to Canada. In a panic, she says she can't because she is engaged, to her assistant Andrew Paxton (Reynolds). The agent working their case investigates them to prove they really are getting married and not just avoiding deportation. Margaret is forced to learn everything about Andrew, whom already knows everything about her. Thinking this little lie would be over quickly, they say they are taking a trip to meet Andrew's family in Alaska. Once in Alaska, Andrew has to explain to his family played by Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson, and Betty White how he went from hating this woman to surprisingly being engaged. They convince them to get married while they're there, some crazy events happen, bringing them closer together. They, of course, fall in love for real.

8. ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’—2011


Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is an amazing movie in itself. It's about a young boy Oskar played by Thomas Horn who's father played by Tom Hanks died in the 9/11 attacks. Oskar who thinks of nothing but the loss of his father, finds a key in his closet with a note that says "Black." Oskar thinks it is connected to a theory his father used to tell him called "the sixth burrow" determined to find the sixth burrow and to find the lock to that key to somehow make sense of his fathers death, he makes a list of all the people in New York with the last name "Black" and visits all of them asking about his father and about the key. Learning about their stories, while pushing his Mother (Bullock) away.

Thomas Horn is PHENOMENAL in this movie. Not very many movies make me cry, but Thomas had me in tears. Amazing. You would never believe that was his first movie.

9. ‘The Heat’—2013

Action/Buddy Film

I was beyond excited when they announced that Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock were doing a movie together, a FANTASTIC comedy duo. Who definitely did NOT disappoint, of course with director Paul Feig you should know it's going to be good.

Sarah Ashburn (Bullock) is an FBI agent who seems to have a very difficult time working with others, she is quite the arrogant character. But is moved down to Boston to work on a drug case, there she is forced to work with the very very angry Detective Shannon Mullins (McCarthy) who gets the job done, but in a very demanding and bossy demeanor. Two characters like these of course would obviously butt heads and create many hilarious events. But as any buddy film, they grow to become friends and respect each other. Ultimately being the key to win the case.

10. ‘Gravity’—2013


Imagine this, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock floating around in space fighting to get back to Earth after something goes wrong with their shuttle. In short, that's what happens, Ryan Stone (Bullock) finds herself completely alone in space. With very little ways of solution, she has to figure out how she is going to get back home even when all the odds are against her. The picture and imagery in this movie is mind-blowing, the feeling of vast emptiness they create and show through Ryan Stone is done beautifully. Bullock does an amazing job at showing a character who has every reason to give up and nothing to live for on Earth still fighting through it and making her way back home.

My Personal Favorite: ‘The Net’—1995


The Net is about Angela Bennett, a computer programmer who finds herself in a situation involving a virus she was sent. After receiving this virus, she has non-stop madness happening, her identity gets stolen and her whole life turned upside down. Angela has to fight to prove who she is and win her life back from these computer hackers trying to erase her from existence.

Also Check Out!

Her newer movies!

‘Our Brand is Crisis’—2015


‘Oceans Eight’—2018 


And ‘Bird Box’ a new Netflix original!—2018


So it’s actually 14 Bullock movies you should watch, but who doesn’t need more of this lovely lady in their life? Thanks for reading!

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Top 10 Sandra Bullock Movies
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