Unspoken Rules of Comic Expos

Love your fellow cosplayer as yourself.

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Comic expos are collections of some of the nerdiest people on earth waiting in long lines to get that newest edition Darth Vader action figure, dressing up as video games characters, and fangirling over seeing the voice of Lucius Malfoy (Jason Isaacs) at a panel (those last two were me). It's a collection of the geekiest of the geeks and comic expos are an absolute blast.

Though these conventions are tons of fun to attend, there are some unwritten rules and codes that attendees are generally expected to follow for everyone to have a good time. Keep the following in mind to get the most out of your experience and to get along with your fellow nerds.

1. Thou shalt wear deodorant. And shower beforehand.

Lots of people go to these comic expos and cons, so as you can imagine, the aisle ways tend to be cramped and the panel rooms tend to get stuffy fairly quickly. Please do not be that person that thought they didn't need to shower the night before. Every hotel room has a shower, so please use it.

This is an expert tip: bring deodorant with you, even if you put it on that morning. This last time, I had forgotten to put some on and was only saved because my friend had some with him. I unashamedly used his Old Spice deodorant and saved the people around me some unpleasant odors. I say bring it with you because you will get sweaty all day, so it's good to do your fellow nerds a solid and reapply once or even twice.

2. Thou shalt not touch cosplayers without their consent.

This would seem like an obvious one, but you would be surprised how many people just HAVE to touch one part or another of someone's elaborately put-together costume. This rule applies outside of comic expos just as it does in comic expos, so please don't be that person. I promise, it isn't hard to ask. And more often than not, they will let you touch, so long as you are gentle.

3. Thou shalt not tease people of other fandoms.

You may really dislike the DC universe, but that doesn't mean that you should make fun of anyone in a Wonder Woman costume. People come to comic expos in part to bond with other geeks, so don't be that one jerk that thinks that only their fandoms are the ones worth loving.

For example, instead of smirking and snickering over a girl's My Little Pony costume, ask her why she picked that pony or who that pony is if you don't know. Who knows, you could become a fan yourself!

4. Thou shalt not ask personal questions at a panel.

Panels are where a celebrity will talk about their times in certain roles they've done, and there is typically a time for Q&A for the last bit of it. A lot of people tend to line up with one question in mind, and more often than not, these questions are great and we love hearing the answer to them. However, we do not want to hear the answer to the question, "Can I have your number?" (They won't give it to you, no matter what.)

5. Thou shalt interact with others in your fandom.

If you are dressing up, part of the fun is seeing other people dressed up from the same video game or movie. However, it's ten times more fun if play along with your character's role. For instance, I was dressed as Rey from Star Wars (yes, I did the buns) during this last one I went to, and I had Darth Nihilus staring me down as we passed each other in an aisle.

Don't be that guy who thinks he's too cool to not to yell "Hello, Bats!" when you as the Joker see someone dressed up as Batman. Have fun with the other people there, even if you're in a group. Trust me, it's much more fun that way.

BONUS ROUND! Thou shalt have a good time.

Sure, you may have shelled out a bit of cash for an excuse to dress up as Deadpool, but you also go to check out everyone else's costumes, see what new toys are in stock, and meet other people that could become life long friends. A comic expo experience should be a fun one for you and everyone else going, so don't be afraid to be goofy and silly in a costume no one may recognize you in.

Even if you don't dress up, there is still a feel of dorky camaraderie as you see people looking at each booth and getting excited at finding the perfect Walking Dead poster or freaking out over seeing a huge plush Pikachu. If you have never gone, be sure to follow to aforementioned guidelines, and then buckle in for one of the most enjoyable times of your life.  

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