Video Games to Curb Your 'Game of Thrones' Withdrawals

In the wait between seasons, the top video games to curb you 'Game of Thrones' withdrawals will keep you busy.

If you’re missing Westeros, meet the top video games to curb your GoT withdrawals. In the wait between seasons, Game of Thrones can be one of the most agonizing shows to deal with on television. The show is quick to change everything in a single moment and just as quick to leave all of our questions to be answered next season, months away. And worst, this deep into the show even the book readers are left scratching their heads and sitting on the edge of their seats. You can fight back against the wait by playing video games to curb your GoT withdrawals. Here are the top games for doing exactly that.

Stronghold 2

While it’s a far stretch from looking as astounding as Game of Thrones, Stronghold 2 can scratch the Westeros itch especially when it comes to castle-building and commanding armies in battle. Stronghold 2 isn’t the newest game from Firefly Studios, but it’s one of the most liked even 12 years after its initial release.

If you’re interested in building your kingdom from the ground up, declarations of war, large scale battles spanning many different troop types, and creating/managing an economy to achieve this all, this is your game. But hey, real time strategy isn’t everyone’s favorite. That’s why we have nine more entries.

Torchlight 2 (PC)

Don’t let the colorful and cartoony look of Torchlight 2 fool you, it shares more with Game of Thrones than you might think.

If you’re interested in creating and coming up as a hero against the forces of the world around you, a world filled with magic and combat, this game is for you.

You can even have your very own wolf companion, for maximum Stark effect. While it isn’t quite a direwolf, there are equally interesting companion choices like pandas, bulldogs, badgers, panthers, and even the chakawary, a Torchlight series animal that can be described as a mix between a raptor and ostrich. Lead your companion into battle and become the hero (or antihero) you’ve always wanted to be.


If it’s the magic and the blades you’re missing, Dishonored has you covered. Setting up elaborate assassinations in trying circumstances using ranged weapons, daggers, or magic is the name of the game, and it’s the best game available for doing just that.

On top of an engaging story and wonderfully inviting world, Dishonored captures an incredibly fast paced combat style that is sure to entertain.

In terms of gameplay alone, Dishonored is one of the best video games to curb your GoT withdrawals.

Diablo 3

Diablo can be described as the original dungeon crawler, creating a much more realistic world and dreary environment than Torchlight offers. This has never been more noticeable than comparing Diablo 3 with Torchlight 2. In place of cartoony graphics and heavy comedic dialogue Diablo features more despair, rage, death, and coping as you come up in a world overrun with the dead and plenty worse things.

Using your magic or martial skills you will fight to survive, and try to help others do the same. Spoiler alert: it won’t be so easy.

Be the hero the world needs or at least the best option it’s got. Create your own Azor Ahai reborn and fight against the Long Night with your very own companions by your side.

Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter

Neverwinter might be the most ironic title of any video games to curb your GoT withdrawals, but that is far from the only reason this free MMO could capture your Westerosi interests. From the very beginning, the game’s opening cinematic features a group of heroes fighting back against an army of relentless dead, even featuring a dragon (only this time it’s dead too.)

Sound familiar?

Neverwinter sees heroes and villains alike with every shade in between navigating a world filled with magic, murder, death, and glory. Up for the ride?

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series

As far as GoT withdrawals go, a game actually based in Westeros is a great way to handle it. Telltale Studios has struck gold plenty of times so far as a group, and none more immediately cherished by gamers of all kinds than its Walking Dead series.

After releasing the Game of the Year award winning Walking Dead game, Telltale brought its unique gameplay and style to Westeros in a captivating story spanning across five viewpoints in its first season with the second season currently in development.

Choose who you trust, choose how to handle your enemies. In the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die. So above all else, win.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Skyrim is the most recent installment of the Elder Scrolls series, it is well known for one very important standout thing, dragons.

As the Dragonborn you are revered and feared in a world filled with intrigue, magic, and violence as a fabled hero. You make your own decisions on a path of intrigue where you’ll have to learn who you can trust and who to watch out for.

Mastering your shouts you can fight and slay dragons of many different types, battle the gods themselves, blue eyed undead creatures in the snows of winter, and explore their ruins as well. You can even have a dog companion and while it also is no direwolf, anything minor like this can certainly be addressed by the many thousands of mods available for free.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If you’re interested in a visually stunning world filled with many quest and character direction options, look no further.

Being the most recently released game on this list has its perks, and Witcher 3 utilizes this advantage perfectly. The combat and visuals of this game alone earn it extreme replayability and satisfaction, but add to that a thriving universe of side quests and stories off the beaten path as well as a stunning overlapping narrative and wooooooo baby, we’ve got a stew going.

The multiple game of the year award winning title is still running the market and is definitely one of the best video games to scratch that itch.

Mount and Blade: Warband

While Crusade of Kings 2 can give you the thriving political landscape Game of Thrones provides, Mount and Blade: Warband takes you right into the thick of it.

The regular game allows you to forge your own path and story. Build your fortune and legacy as a foot soldier in a local lord’s army, betray your lineage and become a vassal for a rival country, or even rob and pillage your bigger enemies using speed and tactics. This game has it all, including one of the greatest combat systems ever created. You control your own tale, so make it a good one.

Mount and Blade also features multiple options for Game of Thrones mods available for free, recreating the entire wonderful game experience and tailoring it for the wild worlds of Westeros and Essos.

Grow and thrive alongside your favorite characters from the series, maybe even help them achieve what they couldn’t. This game allows it all, packaged beautifully. Valar Morghulis.

Crusader Kings 2

While Crusader Kings can be a very intimidating series to play at first, once you’re used to the game it is no doubt the best video game to curb your GoT withdrawals.

The game is loaded with politics exactly like Game of Thrones only based on history instead, a history you can help create or significantly manipulate in your favor.

Whether you want to play the game as a cunning Littlefinger-esque character specializing in intrigue and assassination, or a true and honorable warrior like Ned Stark specializing in combat strength and leadership, it is all easily possible and entirely within your own control.

The world around you will move forward whether you succeed or fail, and it is this desperation that makes the game so interesting as you pass down your very own lineage to play the next descendent after your character dies trying to survive and thrive in a world where few friends are true and few enemies aren’t plotting.

Beyond the regular game, Crusader Kings 2 also has a Game of Thrones mod which immediately takes the player to pivotal moments in Westeros history to experience and maybe even try to change. You can take the Stark’s through their first days or try and pick your favorite Targaryen in history and bring up his lineage to dominate Westeros.

The game is incredibly full of possibilities, and you’ll never find yourself at a loss of stories with all of the political chaos.

No throne is safe.

While we patiently wait for Game of Thrones to continue taking our breath away, these 10 are the strongest video games to curb your GoT withdrawals. Use them wisely because Season 8 is a long ways away, and winter is coming.

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