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What's the Best Movie or TV Parody of the year So Far?

We picked some of the funniest and most hilarious sketches of the year.

Originally, parodies were solely meant to mock poor examples of entertainment, not good shows and movies. However, between Saturday Night Live, Funny or Die and original YouTube sketches, fans can now laugh at films and television series that carry a very serious tone. We're all watching some pretty somber entertainment, and we all love sharing funny clips with our friends, so parodies can gain massive notoriety in a very small span of time.

2016 has been filled with hilarious sketches that have poked fun at our favorite films, while others have struck hard at the core of TV series that have disappointed fans — but it's all been in good fun. That said, a few parodies have stood out from the rest. Here are the year's best so far.

Jimmy Kimmel Cameos In Batman v. Superman

On an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Ben Affleck dropped by for a visit while promoting his new film, Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. According to Affleck, Jimmy Kimmel's apparent part in the film was scrapped on the cutting room floor. But Affleck brought good news for Kimmel in the form of a deleted scene.

Stranger Things Season Two: Barb Returns

Will we see Barb return to Netflix with a vengeance?

Naked And Afraid Celebrity Edition

In SNL's Celebrity Edition of Naked and Afraid, Peter Dinklage and Leslie Jones join each other in the wilderness for some survival time.

Captain America: Civil War Reenactors

Do they take it too seriously or not seriously enough? You decide.

Undercover Boss With Kylo Ren

Ever wonder what Kylo Ren does when he's not trying to conquer the galaxy? Well, apparently he's very concerned with employee morale in Starkiller Base.

MadTV: Negan's Next Kill

This guy just loves to talk, doesn't he?

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What's the Best Movie or TV Parody of the year So Far?
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