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Who Will Be the Next Bond?

The Successor of Daniel Craig

1.109 billion dollars. And that was the box office for just one movie of four. The latest series of James Bond films starring Daniel Craig as 007 has been the most profitable ever made—grossing over 3 billion dollars. The 25th film of the Bond franchise will be out in the end of 2019 when Daniel Craig will be 51-years-old. The oldest actor to play the super spy had been Sean Connery in 1983 at 53 years of age. But even though it seems as if Craig is in such a great shape that he could make another two movies, unfortunately the 25th 007 movie that hits theaters on November 8 next year will be his last reprisal of the role. Of course, the franchise will continue with a new leading man to star as the MI6 agent. These are the top actors who could be the next Bond:

Michael Fassbender

Although it got only 19 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, Assassin’s Creed showed the audience that Michael Fassbender can be pretty lethal. The X-Men star did not need any superpowers to immerse in the role of assassin Aguilar de Nerha and kill Spanish soldiers in 1492 Andalusia with just an arm-attached blade.

Given this, the German actor with Irish roots would be pretty dangerous with a fully loaded gun. Standing at 6' and approximating Bond’s appearance as if he were drawn based on the novel, Fassbender would easily imitate the charm of Bond, but would also keep a stone cold face when needed.

Charlize Theron

Not muscular, or British—Charlize Theron will be the Jane Bond that producers have talked about in recent years. Crushing stereotypes, she won’t need massive strength to pull a trigger or defuse a bomb. Nobody would doubt her after the stunning performance in Atomic Blonde. A lady Bond would breathe new life in the franchise and could even start a trend.

Henry Cavill

Mission Impossible Fallout was the hit of summer 2018. The movie had good screenplay, breathtaking stunts, and an unforgettable performance by Henry Cavill. Once, he wanted to be Bond and even made it to the final audition in 2005 where he lost to Daniel Craig—he was 22 at the time. Since then, the British actor, who starred in The Man from U.N.C.L.E back in 2015, showed that he won’t blink if he has to fire a gun or keep stoically calm when facing danger.

Standing at 6’1" and over 200 lbs, he would be the most impressive and threatening Bond that has ever appeared on screen. The fact that he himself has expressed interest in playing the role makes things more intriguing as he would be in any director’s list of choices. Only 35, Henry has enough time to shoot a couple of movies and drink plenty of “shaken, not stirred” Martinis.

Tom Hardy

One of the most likely future Bonds is Tom Hardy. His average height and bulky build resemble the stature of current Bond Daniel Craig. Hardy, who emerged as a spy in This Means War, has shown that he can easily handle a masculine persona on screen. Whether it is the masked villain Bane, the ex-Marine Tony in Warrior, or the infamous criminal Bronson, Hardy does not disappoint.

The London native even got nominated for an Oscar in 2016 and was one of the favourites to win. Now, he is engaged with many projects that include Venom, coming out this year, and a sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road. But if an offer to play the MI6 spy comes he will surely not hesitate. His calm attire on and off screen will be what audiences want to see of James Bond whether he is held at gunpoint by his arch nemesis or he drives his Aston Martin with a pretty girl in the front seat.


А new Bond movie will not be shooting before 2021. Despite this, producers are already on the lookout for a new leading man or woman. The legacy of Daniel Craig will be a heavy burden that every actor would have to overcome. Comparisons will be inevitable, but with a well-written screenplay and enough dedication, Eon productions could again surpass 1 billion at the box office.

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Who Will Be the Next Bond?
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