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Why I Waited Until I Was in My 30s to Watch 'Harry Potter'

Get your broom and let's take a ride to why I waited until I was 30 to fly through the films.

"You have never seen Harry Potter?!" I hear this all the time. No—nor have I sat down and actually read the books either. People are so blown away by this fact about me. I like the reaction because I think it’s funny I’m an abnormality. I was in 6th grade when Harry Potter came out. I was not interested for some reason. I never cared about it. The funny thing is, I love anything fairytale related. Witches, monsters, and unicorns—right up my alley. I think I was dealing with anxiety and being made fun of because I had a "big nose"—oh and my parents were in a nasty divorce. I was escaping to reading books more like horror/ biographies and stories about space. I loved writing poems and short stories about anything and everything. I would mostly write about what was around me or what I saw. I had a great teacher that did read some of the beloved Harry Potter books to our classroom and I would listen very intently when she did. We all did—she was a great teacher. She was one of my favorite teachers. This particular teacher made the voices of the characters when she would read the books to our class and I would love it, even look forward to this part in my day—but I was still not into reading the books myself or even watching any movies. It was so weird to me that I just didn't care. I had no interest at the time. I had a grandfather that was into space, UFOS, and aliens. I spent a lot of my time with him and my grandmother so this was also a huge factor into my lack of Harry Potter interest. I was watching the skies with my grandfather at night and we would talk about the stars and the planets a lot. He was a good man, just into things other than magic and unicorns. I think when you’re a kid you don’t realize what you’re missing out on when it’s in front of you!

Let's fast forward to 2018. I am married now with two beautiful kids and a great husband. 

One day my husband says to me, "Want to watch Harry Potter?" 

I just kind of looked at him with excitement and said "YES!!!" I blurted out something he never knew about me: "I HAVE NEVER SEEN THEM! SO YES!! I would love to!" 

My husband says, "You are joking. You have never seen Harry Potter?

I just kind of shrugged and said no. He was so surprised because all I watch now as an adult is anything related to magic and witches. The big night came; we sat down and started to watch the Harry Potter trilogy. I don't think I took my eyes off the TV once. I was so involved with this movie. I am excited to get into the books and read them to my kids. 

I am still not sorry I waited until I was in my 30s to watch the movies. When you’re an awkward tween going through a rough patch you don't appreciate anything—you don't take in anything like you do in your 30s. I have gotten through the hard parts of life like high school and my drunken 20s. I love a good book and a cup of tea now after I have put my kids to bed and the house is settled in. 

I can better relate to each of the characters now as an adult than I could have as a kid. Looking back on my youth, I went through the Hermione Granger stage, the Ron Weasley stage, and even the Harry Potter stage. I still feel like I am going through the Hermione stage as an adult, LOL. As a kid you aren’t comfortable with who you are as a person to go through the emotional roller coaster these movies put you on. I wish my husband said, "Buckle up because this is going to get friggin crazy!" I am sitting there watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in tears crying. I was shook by the end of that movie. My husband turns to me and says, “Are you really crying!” Yes, yes I did. I was so heartbroken for Harry. I just sat there in a puddle. Yes, the ending was sort of happy but still very sad! 

My momma bear kicks in every time that little asshole kid Draco Malfoy messes with Harry and his crew. I get so mad that this little punk gets away with murder. 

Hermione is always fighting for her respect because she’s a half breed and so is Potter. Hermione is strong and smart and it intimidates the other kids that are full witches and have half the talent. Sometimes I wonder if a child that was born to witches was somehow born without powers, would the Muggles even know? Would said child be made fun of like Draco did to Hermione? That girl empowers me to the fullest. I love her so much—her strength and bravery in these film goes beyond what my 12-year-old mind could comprehend at the time. I think I would look past this feature about how powerful Hermione’s messages really were. However, I could have used her in my teenage years. I could have used her sense of direction and eagerness to learn without fear of failing. 

Ron—he was just so whiny. I feel like this is me on Monday’s. I am Ron on Monday’s. Ron is loyal and sweet and grew up poor with a bunch of brothers and sisters so he stays humble. I love how he just accepts people for who they are, not what they have or who they know. Ron just is his true self all the time and I admire that. 13-year-old me would have found him annoying and average. My eyes would have glazed over with this disgust any time he opened his mouth. 

Harry Potter is always in a struggle. He is always overcoming huge obstacles that get in his way. He doesn’t do it with grace but with blood, sweat, and tears. Nothing stops him and he proves people wrong along the way without gloating about it. Harry is amazing and a true hero. I have to say The Goblet of Fire proved him to be beyond what I thought he was.

I love how each of these character are so strong and passionate in what they believe in. As a 30-year-old I respect these movies so much and can relate to the kids. I can better relate now than I would have as a kid. I can appreciate the story and the struggles that each of these kids face. I mean, even the bad guys; you can see their sides of things. You want to hate Malfoy, but do you?! His father is a true bad guy. As a kid you want your parents' approval and to make them proud. He was also a misunderstood kid too. I truly think that 12-year-old me would have just seen the magic and not the point of each character. I am still amazed by the magic but I’m more amazed by the strength and talent these kids hold. These films also teach you that not all monsters are monsters but the people that walk around you. They teach us that just because someone’s intentions seem good doesn't mean they really are for looking out for your benefit and to always keep an eye out for yourself and others. A part of me wishes that 13-year-old me watched it, but I know 13-year-old me. I would have wanted the wand with the power instead of someone’s bravery, and companionship, and humbleness. I am glad I waited until I was 30 to watch Harry Potter.  

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Why I Waited Until I Was in My 30s to Watch 'Harry Potter'
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