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10 Litchfield Inmates That We Wonder What Landed Them Behind Bars

'Orange is the New Black' has showcased dozens of their characters' backstories through its 6 seasons, but this will look at 10 we never got to find out.

Over the six seasons of Netflix's ever-popular prison-drama, Orange is the New Black, we have met dozens of inmates, prison staff, and civilians each with their own unique route that took them to Litchfield. In nearly every episode of the show, a character is focused on and how they ended up at Litchfield or key parts that led them there are revealed. We have seen all sorts, from classic murder, fake drug dealing and even shaking some bells around a police officer. But, not all the characters have had their past revealed. This article will look at the 10 characters we wish we had seen more of in true Litchfield style.

Helen Van Maele AKA "Skinhead Helen"

Skinhead Hellen—Portrayed by Francesca Curran

Skinhead Hellen was one of the new additions to the growing populace of Litchfield in season four. She was a strong force within the white supremacy movement in the forth season, forming a strong partnership with Brandy Epps and Kasey Sankey. However, the race war was put on hold as all the inmates started a riot and took control of the prison. During the riot Skinhead Hellen, Epps, and Sankey were among a small group captured by two guards but managed to escape due to one prisoner's extreme survival training. While never taking a leading role in the riot, she was quick to called for "the poo" on anyone needing punishment and was among the inmates that fought the swat team that stormed the prison to take back control. 

With the riot over a handful of inmates were transferred to Litchfield Max, but Skinhead Hellen was not amongst them. This means she was transferred to another prison, FDC Cleveland, Ohio. Unlike Epps and Sankey, no real clues were given as to why she was arrested and sent to prison. Given her racist views, it is likely to be the reason why she ended up at Litchfield. But sadly, we will never truly see what landed her in cuffs. However, she did give us her iconic words of wisdom, "Fucking Morgan Freeman" in reference to how he is in so many films.

Stephanie Hapakuka

Stephanie Hapakuka—Portrayed by Jolene Purdy

Arriving at the same time as Skinhead Hellen, Happakuka found herself at the centre of Piper Chapman's intoxication of power. Being bunked together, she was quickly targeted by Chapman to assert her dominance over the new arrival. She nearly succeeded, but Red put Chapman in her place giving Hapakuka a break. However, this direct but passive inmate was soon under Chapman's employment as a bodyguard. This resulted in her being dragged into the centre of a race war between the white inmates and the Dominican inmates. When Chapman realised she had gone too far and wanted out of the racial hate, Hapakuka was hung out to dry and had to show her true colours. Forming a new deal with the Dominican faction, she lured Chapman for them and allowing them to brand her with a Swastika.

During the riot, she hid and kept herself out of the entire thing. She was seen starting out by hiding under her bunk and ending the riot by surrendering in the chapel. We do not even know which prison she was transferred to. All we know about Kapakuka is that she was transferred to Litchfield from a prison in Honolulu. You have to wonder what she actually did, as she is passive now due to actions that led her to prison. I mean, setting someone up to be branded takes a person that will clearly go to dark places.


Taslitz—Portrayed by Judith Roberts

One of the 'Golden Girls' introduced in the second season, Taslitz was an old lady you clearly did not cross. When Red was ostracised by her prison family, Taslitz was among the Golden Girls that invited Red to join them. While initially declined, the girls never gave up and formed a strong friendship with Red. The group created a gardening club to give them something to do and to smuggle things into the prison through a classic prison tunnel. However, when Vee the leader of the black girls, found out what Red was doing she aimed to take things over. Angry and ready to protect their new friend, Taslitz volunteered to take Vee out. The only problem was, she shanked the wrong black girl. 

From there, we know she went to Litchfield Max as she briefly appeared in an episode during the fourth season. However, when the show shifted to the Max facility, Taslitz was no longer there. What happened to her is unclear. It is unlikely she finished her sentence, so she was either released through compassionate release or has died between the fourth and six seasons. We do know she killed someone with an axe, but when an inmate was this badass is an old lady, you have to think what we missed out on when it comes to seeing her in her prime.

Irene "Zirconia" Cabrera

Irene "Zirconia" Cabrera—Portrayed by Daniella De Jesús

To say Zirconia is repulsive would be kind, but then that is kind of her character's point. Joining the new inmates in the fourth season, she became part of Ruiz's Dominican group and aiding in running her prison panty sniffing company. Ever ready to be the muscle, she was part of the group that held down and branded Chapman. During the riot, she was at the centre of torturing the guards and even made them watch the classic Two Girls, One Cup. However, it was revealed she did have sexual interest in the guard Luschek and she even described him as a "Poor Man's Chris Pratt." Her feelings for him were further confirmed when she got angry with Mendoza after Luschek got an erection while dancing with her. 

She was among the handful of prisoners to be transferred to Litchfield Max, so her backstory could be revealed in the final season. Given her twisted nature, it is worrying how much you may need a bucket to throw up in as her past crimes unfold. She has already admitted to making her baby sister eat dog food while babysitting her. Add that with what she did to the guards, it could give for some truly disgusting moments if her past is revealed in the last season of the show.

Kasey Sankey

Kasey Sankey—Portrayed by Kelly Karbacz

Sankey was one of the white supremacists that entered the prison in season four. She was the one who got many of the other supremacists to attend Chapman's first meeting which ignited into the formation of the white pride movement within the prison walls. Her hate for any inmate not white was shown at the end of season four when she made fun of Poussey Washington's death. Granted this did get her a bloody nose, but she did accept she was out of order and halted the others from starting a fight with the grieving black girls. During the Litchfield Riot, she let her pipes lose singing in the inmate created coffee shop and was among the inmates to kidnap Judy King. 

The one thing we did get from her past was during the riot. She discovered through Facebook that her best friend and husband had gone beyond their deal. Knowing her husband would have physical needs, a deal was made with her best friend to allow him to have sex, but it was to only be physical. Now, her best friend and husband are a couple and are raising Sankey's daughter together. She always asserted that she is not a Nazi and is a White Supremacist, so her crime is likely linked. Where she was among those transferred away from Litchfield Max, it is a shame we will never witness the contrast of her past being both a White Supremacist and a loving mother. 

Anita DeMarco

Anita DeMarco—Portrayed by Lin Tucci

DeMarco was among the first inmates to be seen when the show first started. She is a permanent resident of the transfer cells as she uses a machine to help her breath at night due to a heart attack she suffered soon after arriving. While she was never at the centre of any Litchfield drama, she was always around to offer a quick-witted comment or an anecdote from her past. She was one of the ladies Chapman employed to wear her prison panties to sell online and was one of the women to take refuge in Frieda's bunker during the riot. 

The show did reveal that she first arrived at Litchfield around the same time as Red and one of Vee's stints at the prison. We also know she has a husband and at least one grandchild. But what was interesting is when she revealed her cousin was killed, causing another relative to go on a killing spree. That glimpse into her broader family makes you wonder if her family is part of the mafia? We do know that she is Catholic, which could also indicate a mafia connection. So what did the seemingly family devoted grandma actually do to end up serving a long sentence at Litchfield? Where she is among those not transferred to Litchfield Max, we will never know.

Alana Dwight

Alana Dwight—Portrayed by Shannon Esper

Entering Litchfield in season four, Dwight nearly met her end having only just entered the prison. Being bunked with Red, she kept her cellmate up all night due to her enlarged uvula. This caused her to snore extremely loudly and nothing would stop it. Driving Red insane with ways to make the noise stop, during one attempt Dwight fell out of her bunk and broke her nose. Since then she has pretty much always had her nose under a cast. She has also broken her nose by slamming her face into a door trying to open it and from another door from a porta-potty which was detaining a guard during the riot. 

Being one of the few to enter Max, they again may reveal her past in the final season. We do know that when she was younger her father shot himself and two weeks later her mother took an overdose, with Dwight finding both bodies. She is pretty submissive and not likely to be an ex-gang member on the outside. With her habit of finding accidents, it makes you wonder if she is one of the few who broke the law through sheer accident and was caught without knowing what she did wrong.

Carmen "Ouija" Aziza

Carmen "Ouija" Aziza—Portrayed by Rosal Colón

One of the new Dominican prisoners in season four, Ouija become a strong player fast. Becoming one of Ruiz's main girls, she was the one making and smuggling the panties out of the factory for Ruiz's business. While she made a rumble in season four, it was in season five she made the prison guards shake as she walked. She was one of the inmates who guarded and tormented the guards while being held hostage. Even using sexual advances to torment the MCC PR representative, Josh. It was also during the riot it was revealed she has at least one child on the outside. 

We do know that she killed three guys but was arrested for WIC fraud. That is why it is sad she wasn't transferred to Max. To have seen her past would have been different from any past inmates. Seeing her get away with murder three times but then caught for fraud would have reflected how some that are serving time have not been caught for the bigger crimes they committed.

Angie Rice

Angie Rice—Portrayed by Julie Lake

First appearing way back in season one, Angie was one of the meth heads working in the laundry. With her partner Leanne, the pair were constantly causing trouble, getting high and being clowns about Litchfield. Much like DeMarco, Angie and Leanne stayed out of the centre of drama until the riot hit the prison. Leanne was the lucky inmate that stumbled across the gun that Diaz lost. With her newfound power she had a clear plan of what to do...hold Litchfield Idol! Forcing all the hostages to perform a talent show before a panel of four judges. In the end, she overruled the other judges and chose the winner herself. Her power came to an end when she lost the gun during a riot high, only for it to be on her belt and stollen by Pennsatucky. 

At the end of the riot, she was transferred to another prison and ended five seasons of the meth head clowns of Litchfield. With her drug addiction obvious, her incarceration is most likely related to drugs. However, during the riot, she revealed she had raped guys before. So, this meth head may have done deeper and darker crimes than anyone could actually imagine.

Thomas Humphrey

Thomas Humphrey—Portrayed by Michael Torpey

One of the veterans hired as new guards, Humphrey was that nightmare guard everyone envisions. Twisted and sick, he took a lot of pleasure in torturing the ladies of Litchfield with his new power. He took a personal pleasure in tormenting Maritza by recreating a hypothetical scenario she concocted with her best friend. Holding a gun to her head, she had to choose between eating ten dead flies or one live baby mouse. He also instigated a fight for his enjoyment between Suzanne and Kukudio, which resulted in Suzanne losing control and nearly killing Kukudio. He was also the guard to bring a gun into the prison, which once in the inmates' hands allowed them to start the riot. 

His end came when he was shot in the leg and nearly bled out during the riot. Saved but restrained in medical he lay there between both Suzanne and Kukudio. Seizing her chance, Kukudio blew bubbles into his IV and he slowly died as a result. With him being killed during the riot, it pretty much certain his past will never be revealed. But with his sick antics during his tenure at the prison, you have to wonder what other messed-up crimes he has committed in his past. What kind of veteran was he and was it some twisted stunt that caused him to leave the army? We will never know the answers, but it makes a lot of fun for fans to create their own ideas. 

Which inmate do you wish they had revealed the past of? Which inmate's past have you enjoyed the most?

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10 Litchfield Inmates That We Wonder What Landed Them Behind Bars
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