Sean Patrick

I have been a film critic for more than 17 years and worked professionally, as a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association for the past 6 years. My favorite movie of all time is The Big Lebowski because it always feels new. 

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Classic Movie Review: 'Batman 89'
4 days ago
I was 13 years old in 1989, the perfect age to have my mind blown by a Batman movie. I was rather obsessed with the 1966 television series, which I watched everyday in reruns on one of my local televi...
Movie Review: 'Euphoria' Is a Moving Exploration of Death
4 days ago
Euphoria is an elegant and elegiac exploration of life and death. Eva Green stars as a dying woman who uses her death to try and reconnect with her sister, played by Alicia Vikander. How Green's Emili...
Movie Review: 'Shaft' 1971
11 days ago
1971's Shaft, directed by Gordon Parks, set a standard for cool. Richard Roundtree's black private dick was a sex machine to all the chicks, and while such a description is hilarious, he backs it up o...
The 2000's Movie Project: 'Wonder Boys'
15 days ago
Wonder Boys is the kind of movie that pops up in my mind every now and again, and just hangs out for a while. Something about this oddball little world created by Curtis Hanson just sticks to my ribs....
30 Years of Nicolas Cage Memes in 'Vampire's Kiss'
25 days ago
30 years later and Vampire’s Kiss starring Nicolas Cage is as crazy and misunderstood as ever. Though it has lived on through endless memes, Vampire’s Kiss is far more than just a bonkers Nicolas Cage...
Classic Movie Review: 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'
a month ago
This movie is exhausting. Get ready because this review is going to get rather blasphemous for fans of the famed texts known as Indiana Jones. First let me say, I don’t think that Indiana Jones and th...