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3 Sequels to Cult Movies That Never, Ever Needed to Happen

Sequels. Sometimes they're better than the original, but most of the time, these spin-offs could potentially butcher the integrity of the original film.

Sequels. Sometimes they're better than the original film as a continuation of a story or a start of a new chapter, but most of the time, these spin-offs could potentially butcher the integrity of the original film, because that's basically what they are- rip-offs.

As someone whose cockiness and catchphrases 90% of the time comes from great hits of this era it was a horrible, horrible disappointment for me to watch the stand-alone sequels of my favorite movies.

To start off...

Every American Pie Sequel

The "original" American Pie was a hit, and so were the other two direct sequels. And these, they're not so bad themselves, but they were bad, like - no great storyline and character direction bad. But these were on-purpose and they're direct-to-video anyway so the inferiority is forgivable.

S. Darko

Donnie Darko‍ 's writer and director, Richard Kelly, has stated that he has no involvement with S. Darko. He stated "To set the record straight, here's a few facts I'd like to share with you all—I haven't read this script. I have absolutely no involvement with this production, nor will I ever be involved."Chris Fisher, director of S. Darko, noted that he was an admirer of Kelly's film, and that he hoped "to create a similar world of blurred fantasy and reality."

Yeah, basically, Kelly said that creating a sequel for Donnie Darko will ruin the movie's integrity. And this absolute time-wasting rip-off just makes me want to say:

and hopefully not the likes of S. Darko

and... the worst rip-off of them all....

Mean Girls 2

Granted, this was a TV Movie, because if it wasn't, I know all the Mean Girls fan would have gone ballistic at the absolute atrocity of this piece of crap!

Also, according to IMDB :

It is mentioned that this movie takes place in Ohio and it is mentioned in the first movie that the story takes place in Illinois. However, the name of the school is the same in both movies. Since Ron Duvall is the school principal in both movies, it is very unlikely that Mr. Duvall moved to Ohio and is now principal to a school that happens to have the same name as his previous school.

Mean Girls 2 did not even reach the hype of the Mean Girls. And one does not and should not make a Mean Girls movie (ugh the nerve when they used the same title) without consulting or gaining Tina Fey's whole-hearted approval.

The shitty sequels of cult classics just make us go:

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3 Sequels to Cult Movies That Never, Ever Needed to Happen
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