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The End Is Nigh: 8 Post-Apocalyptic Films You Need to See
a year ago
Although it wasn't as widely reported as the famed 2012 phenomenon, another new "end of the world" prediction recently stated that Earth would cease to exist (or something to that effect) on September...
Hey, Assbutt! a New Version of Michael Will Make a Triumphant Return in ‘Supernatural’ Season 13
a year ago
Sam and Dean Winchester have pretty much faced every critter mankind has failed to understand. The members of Team Free Will (Dean, Sam, and Cass) all have been to hell and back, heaven, purgatory – a...
From Monsters to Beings of Celestial Intent: Ranking ‘Supernatural’s Greatest Villains
a year ago
Sam and Dean Winchester have pretty much fought every creature we regular humans can find in mythology, folklore, and various religious texts. They've gone from being called their father’s bitches in ...
6 Superstitions to Remember During Hungry Ghost Month
a year ago
Have you ever felt like this time of year can be such a drag? Despite August sharing the same number of days as March, May, July, October, and December, it can still feel longer. Sure, this dragging f...
Still Not Over It: 7 of Michael's Best Moments on 'Jane the Virgin' That Make Us Miss Him Even More
a year ago
Warning: heartbreaking spoilers for Jane the Virgin to follow — continue at your own risk! The CW’s #JaneTheVirgin always shocks us with its charming unpredictability. Like the time when we found out ...
9 Movies like 'Mean Girls' to Fill the Plastics-Shaped Hole in Your Life
a year ago
The 2004 movie Mean Girls has become sort of like a social doctrine for tweens and teens of the world over. Its mix of social commentary, biting one liners, sass and catfights captured the imagination...