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5 Day TV Challenge: Day 1- I Broke Bad in 7 Hours

I binged watched Breaking Bad in one sitting.

No regrets, man. But it's the start of an addiction

Breaking Bad is one of the highest rated shows on IMDB, a lot of my friends who are in to science loved this show (wooh and guess what? Didn't bother to talk me into it) and I finally decided to watch it because it's the first one to appear in the search box. This show is just brilliant. For the first season, it has a reasonable 7 episodes, which is nice just to introduce the characters to us. In Season 1, Walt doesn't really have that much time on his hands here, so it's perfectly understandable why his attitude can change so drastically over a little period of time. The dude is experiencing shit(incurable lung cancer, he's seen some shit, did some plenty of amazing things, but when he finally started to break bad, that's probably how he began living his life, yo. It's not a great way of living, but time is scarce for him, so even though he's got so much at stake, he still welcomed the idea of earning easy money from his chemistry skill.

Also, I temporarily lost my mind while watching the first season. A slow internet connection almost made me want to throw my father's laptop off a wall.

*3 episodes later*

Yup. I suffered a temporary loss of sanity while watching Breaking Bad. I suppose that's how it goes when you're practically seeing the "art" of "cooking". I mean, WOW! I'd definitely be happy to have Mr. White as my Chemistry teacher. The dude knows his shit! I mean, the man knows how to get things done, yo. It makes me think that, geez man, I graduated from high school without even making potions and stuff. Breaking Bad is amazing. Somehow it made me realize that I'm crazy with a hand full of nothin'! (See what I did there?)

The moment Mr. White started explaining Chemistry and got on cookin' some crystal, I knew I'd be fueling the start of addiction (to the show). Also, from what I've heard, it just gets better and better. So yeah, consider me hooked.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul definitely have an awesome chemistry. It's also cool that Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) was Bryan Cranston's former student in this show. Walter White knows how to get the product done, and Jesse knows how to sell them. He knows the ins and outs of the business, the strategies, and in Season 1, even though he's still struggling with his new partner-in-crime, the best thing we see is that, they help bring out the best in each other's characters that they never would have had unless they hadn't teamed up. (Well that's a bad thing, but I hope you get what I mean.) It's almost like a buddy-cop show, only, they're not technically "buddies" or cops.

Overall, it's interesting to watch the first Season of Breaking Bad, and it must be really good and positively-received that's why the episode number went up from 7 to 13. I find it cool that they really do applied science. Most of the time, my reaction was like:

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5 Day TV Challenge: Day 1- I Broke Bad in 7 Hours
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