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5 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies of Kids from the Last (Kinda) Decade That Will Make You Wish You Were a Kid Again!

No matter what our age is, Sci-fi adventure movies will never get old.

No matter what our age is, Sci-fi adventure movies will never get old.

They will make some of us wish that we didn't waste our childhood years playing jacks, running around the neighborhood, or pranking.. or for today's generation, doing nonsensical things like watching TV and playing videogames all day.

There are some kid geniuses out there who managed to make names and money for themselves with their extraordinary (or is it extraterrestrial) talents and innovative thinking. However, some of us still wish that we'd been blessed by the universe to stumble upon creatures like the friendly ET.

or have dreams that become so powerful they become real like Max's.

There are times when my science curiosity side is really dominant in me as a child and I would question everything and try to come up with something out of household items, rocks, batteries, and duck tape. Then again, I get distracted easily-- and up until I get to high school the only time I do Science stuff is whenever there's a contest, or a required class project, but everything else Science related that I do is in theory, or memorization and very seldom in practice. And even in Science projects for Science fairs I don't even try to come up with something new.

Moving on, I really really enjoy watching Sci-fi adventure movies starring regular kids, who become extraordinary by an unusual turn of events. (Forever wishing it would happen to me too.)

(In a subconcious level, I can relate, and it was like I'm instantly transported).

In no particular order, here are my 'Top Sci-Fi/Fantasy movies of Kids From The Last (kinda) Decade

1. SPY Kids (2001)

After seeing this movie, I forgot all about that Hogwarts letter (I know, I'm sorry! I wasn't 11 then yet, though) and focused more on how I can improve my fighting skills to be qualified as a recruit!

2. Donnie Darko (2001)

Donnie isn't technically a kid anymore, but I'll make this exception.

If you ever think your high school life is difficult, just remember Donnie Darko. It's like all the weight of the world is on his shoulders. Quite literally, I suppose.

It's been such a long time since I've seen this movie. I've only seen it twice, and I could barely understand English then, but I know it stayed with me because I once had a dream chasing a bunny (not quite as scary though) on a crowded LRT. Turns out, it was just a kid wearing a onesie with a bunny backpack, and I was accompanying Samurai Jack (I know, how frickin' bizarre is that?) because the kid has his sword. And before I even knew what Déjà vu was, I'm convinced that I ended up in an alternate reality just like Donnie.

3. SPY Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams (2002)

Before I go on how amazing this movie is.. Let me just say, it's 2015. Why aren't these things invented yet?! The level of disappointment from those of us who saw this movie about a decade ago is apparent in our faces.

Hey OSS if you're ever real, don't hesitate to contact me. I've been training all my life for this.

4. The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl (2005)

Max taught me how to dream awesome dreams, and how to remember them afterwards. It honestly makes a good story.

Say what you will about The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, but for my friends and I, this movie will always be one of our number ones. I still have the DVD of this and when I was younger I would make my playmates and cousins watch this movie. And no matter how many times I've seen this in the past, I will still never get over the feels of how blown away I was with all that is in this movie.

5. Zathura (2005)

This movie crosses the realm of awesomeness to intergalactic awesomeness.

Sometimes the memory of being in outerspace gives me nightmares though.

Honorable mentions:

The Last Mimzy (2007)

I've just seen this movie at the time of writing this article and it is what drove me to write this list. I thought I lost the fangirlish excitement for Sci-fi/Fantasy Kid Adventure movies, but alas, we never lose the spark.

Note that in the movie, the science teacher said something about genetic pollution and I only caught the parts where he basically said not to spawn if you're stupid. It can cause major damage for the people of the future.

Shorts (The Wishing Rock) (2009)

I didn't much like it because of the wishing rock or that I found Jake Short cool. The contraptions they sometimes wish for are superb, but because it's one of those movies with the moral lesson along the lines of saying something exactly as it is and it should be to avoid confusion. (Like the wish mishaps with the rock)

Whether it's going on a Spy mission using jetpacks, super cool advanced technology, being transported into outer-space because of a board game, proving your dreams are reality or saving the future generations of humans through a stuffed toy... you just can't deny that we all pretty much wanted this stuff as a kid.

Maybe 'til now.

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5 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies of Kids from the Last (Kinda) Decade That Will Make You Wish You Were a Kid Again!
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