Allen D. Lyons

Author of Hostage 100 and Full Steam Ahead. Co-host of the Fatty/Slim Podcast

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Back Issues from Your Local Comic Book Shop No. 3
3 months ago
You can find some great stories just flipping through the back issues at your favorite place to buy comics. Though, people seem to be more interested in the cosmetic side of things. The nicer it looks...
Back Issues from Your Local Comics Shop No. 2
6 months ago
Welcome to another installment of "Back Issues." I dug deep to uncover these rare gems, though I just can't help myself when it comes to Marvel. But I tried to reach outside of my box this time. I fou...
Back Issues From Your Local Comics Shop No. 1
7 months ago
Welcome to "Back Issues No. 1." I scrounged up five back issues in my rack to tell you guys about. Most of these I found at my local comics shop just down the road. And most of these were bought with ...
Old Comics That Won't Break Your Wallet
8 months ago
It's a wonder what you can find in the 25 cent bin at your local comic book shop. With only a couple bucks, you can get yourself some real treasures.
What the TMNT Reboot Should Be
9 months ago
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be getting yet another movie reboot. The story of these lovable heroes in a half-shell has been told numerous times. There have been three sets of movies. Fans still ...
Comcast Should Keep Disney From Buying Fox
a year ago
Hallelujahs were called when news hit that Disney would buy Twentieth Century Fox. Just knowing that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be complete led fanboys to rejoice. Disney also expressed their...