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Brian Anonymous19 minutes ago
My Review of 'How to Be a Latin Lover'
I saw the trailer to How to be a Latin Lover a while back. It looked like a fun movie to check out, but I never got to check it out in the theaters. I wouldn't say it would have been worth checking ou...
History and Romance Collide in the Spellbinding Drama, 'A Discovery of Witches'
In 2011, paranormal book lovers were introduced to a world where vampires could walk in the sun without bursting into flames, where witches showcased extraordinary powers, and where, along with demons, they all lived among humans. And, they all sought Ashmole 782—a book that could give them knowledge of their origins. The books were part of the All Souls trilogy, written by a talented professor, Deborah Harkness, who turned her love of history, and knowledge of alchemy and magic into New York Ti...
Crimson Velvet6 hours ago
Illuminated Perils Chapter 14
Chapter 14 Disclaimer: I do not own anything within the Pixar franchise. This story is free for anyone to read. Alexia sat on a black leather sofa casually channel surfing the large big screen televis...
James F. Ewart21 hours ago
Reviewing Four Insane Theories About 'Avengers: Endgame'
It's no secret that Avengers: Endgame will make big changes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and bring the stories of so many characters to a close. While there will be a few heroes bowing out of the...
Q-ell Betton21 hours ago
'After Life'—A Review (Netflix)
If you have read any of my reviews on Vocal or on Wordpress, you know that I’m a fan of both film and television. Though I have been concentrating my efforts on Netflix films of late—you’re welcome—my...
Nancy Da day ago
The 10 Best Moments in 'The Umbrella Academy'
The Netflix Original is not too dark, not too serious and is full of amazing music. If you haven't watched The Umbrella Academy yet, it is definitely recommended that you give it a try. If you have al...
WatchMojo a day ago
Another Top 10 Hidden Jokes in Kids Movies That Will Ruin Your Childhood
Kids movies are way dirtier than we remember! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for "Another 10 Hidden Jokes in Kids Movies That Ruined Your Childhood." For this list, we’ll be looking at the most adult-oriented jokes in kids movies that, in hindsight, seem totally inappropriate. But hey, they probably went over the heads of children, and at least some of them added a new level of humor for adult viewers.
Nancy Da day ago
Does 'The Umbrella Academy' Seem Oddly Familiar?
Oh yeah, it's just like The Haunting of Hill House. Right from the beginning of watching The Umbrella Academy, I knew it reminded me of The Haunting of Hill House... then the similarities just kept ro...
'Avengers Endgame'
Avengers: Infinity War was undoubtedly one of 2018's best movies and the MCU as a whole had a great year. It definitely didn't end there, with more movies coming from the universe, and one of them mak...