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Austin Grubbs15 hours ago
Is John Krasinski’s Hit Horror Piece ‘A Quite Place’ Secretly Sexist?
The new horror flick, A Quite Place, was more than first-time director, John Krasinski, of Office fame, could have ever hoped for. Scoring a whooping 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film has earned it’s r...
Sean Patrick16 hours ago
Movie Review: 'Avengers Infinity War'
"Death in comic books is like breadsticks from the Olive Garden, you think you've finished them off, but the waiter just keeps bringing you more," Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug. I am borrowing that quote fr...
Chelsea Winona16 hours ago
25 Facts about Tim Burton and Some of His Movies!
Here are 25 facts about Tim Burton and some of his movies. Enjoy!
Nancy D16 hours ago
My New Fav YouTuber
Need a new Youtuber in your life? I find it hard to come across bloggers or YouTubers that I actually like. In most blogs, I can't help but think they these people are way too narcissistic. In most Yo...
Constance Verity17 hours ago
Shakespeare's Power Complex
We all learnt about different Shakespeare plays throughout our school lives, there was no avoiding it, and for many it was a drag. The language seems so bizarre to us now, but on reflection, it's noth...
David Grice17 hours ago
Review: 'Love, Simon'
Coming-of-age films could have the most important duty within the film industry. If successful, it could become iconic and a bit of a trend-setter within a particular era in history. The first big inf...
Kenyon Willard18 hours ago
On Fairy Stories
On Fairy Stories: Tolkien’s Apologia Fairytales or fairy stories have been a large part of the world’s body of literature. They serve as a way to instruct, inform, and entertain those who read or hear...
Andrea Dawson18 hours ago
Cosplay Celebration: How to Throw a Geek Cosplay Party
Cosplay is bigger than ever. It attracts millions to conventions every year, and cosplay parties are becoming more and more popular among the geek set. If you're looking to create your own cosplay par...
Connor Garside18 hours ago
Fan-Casting... A Live Action Spider-Man TV Show
I know a lot of fans have probably campaigned for this over the years, but they’re right to do so! The last time we got seasons of Peter Parker and his alter ego in real life on TV was back in the Sev...