Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds Public Memorial To Go March 25

Billie Lourd, Dog Gary, And James Blunt All Expected To Attend

A public memorial service will be happening for legendary Hollywood actresses Carrie Fisher and Debbie Fisher March 25 at 1 p.m.

News of a public memorial service has been anticipated for weeks, since Carrie's brother and Debbie's son Todd said that one would come at a later date following the private memorial earlier this year.  Todd Fisher said on March 16 that he and his wife, actress Catherine Hickland, had been hard at work on the memorial for some time.  He also said that there was really little option but to pursue a public memorial in addition to a private one, because he knew that his mother would have wanted the fans somehow involved.

“The public is invited because that’s how my mother would want it," he said.  "She was very connected to her fans and felt they were a part of her, so we’re opening it to the public.”

Carrie Fisher died December 27 following a cardiac arrest that she had as she was flying back from London.  Her mother, Debbie Reynolds, died a day later of a stroke while planning her daughter's memorial service with Todd Fisher.

The news of the memorial service comes on the heels of news that perhaps Carrie Fisher's home could be used as a museum.  Fisher's home has long been lauded as a hub for Fisher's Hollywood and non-Hollywood friends to hang out and enjoy food and drinks in her eclectic home.  

In the past, Carrie Fisher has commented about the design of the home, noting that it was the overall vibe of the structure that helped guide her insofar as the decoration went.

"The furniture was definitely in charge of where I ended up," she said.  "If you can say anything about the house, it's always been playful."

While the house has remained untouched since her tragic death, there are still two staff members and an increase in security cameras on the premises in order to ensure the house is still kept safe.  The ultimate hope, according to a "family friend," is that there will be tours through both Carrie Fisher's and Debbie Reynolds' respective homes.

"Nobody knows what is going to happen to the property, or Debbie’s, but we would love celebrity tours to visit," the friend said.  "They both collected so many fascinating items over the years and had different, unique tastes when it came to decor."

Having Fisher's and Reynolds' homes stand as Hollywood museums of some shape or creation would be something that Debbie Reynolds herself would have wanted.  The legendary Singin' In The Rain star had made no secret of the fact that she would have loved to see a museum of Hollywood memorabilia developed, and had actually spent years and hundreds of thousands accruing costumes, props and the like from a range of Hollywood classics including Cleopatra, Wizard of Oz and more for that purpose.  While she'd had to sell various pieces from her collections over the years, Reynolds had still hung on to the hope that perhaps one day such a museum could exist. 

Todd Fisher is reportedly trying to determine what to do with her property, which belongs to Carrie Fisher's daughter Billie Lourd, who also has custody of Carrie's beloved dog Gary.  Singer James Blunt has penned a tribute song for the occasion.  Fisher and Blunt were close friends and she was also godmother to Blunt's son.

"It's going to just be a very meaningful tribute to them and I think it's going to be more positive than anything else," Todd said to E! "I think everybody will be on a major rollercoaster ride."

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Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds Public Memorial To Go March 25
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