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Could Talia Al Ghul Be Coming To 'Arrow' For Revenge — Or A Different Reason?

Lexa Doig has been cast as the daughter of Ras Al Ghul, the deceased leader of the League of Assassins.

Fans of Lexa Doig will recognize her from Andromeda and Continuum, but it's her most recent role that will have all eyes watching. Lexa has been cast as the daughter of Ras Al Ghul, the deceased leader of the League of Assassins. She's the half-sister of Nyssa Al Ghul who, as we know, was a warrior that took down men twice her size.

There's no doubt Talia will have the same combat abilities. In fact, confirmed as much when it revealed that "Talia, like Nyssa, is an elite warrior, excelling in multiple different forms of combat."

From what we know of the original Talia Al Ghul, she has been Batman's on-again off-again love interest as well as a super villain. So it's entirely possible she won't have the same conscience as her sister and may not be able to be swayed to good as Nyssa has. Remember that in The Dark Knight Rises, Talia's goal was to destroy Gotham before she was killed. So unless the Arrow writers plan on drastically changing her character, Talia Al Ghul's arrival can't be good news for Star City.

Is She Seeking Revenge For Her Father's Death?

Though Lexa Doig will be a recurring cast member, there's been no indication of whether she will align herself with the Green Arrow or against him or even what brings her to Star City since the League of Assassins has been dismantled. But my guess would be for the revenge of the death of her father, Ras Al Ghul, at the hands of the Green Arrow.

If there is one thing Arrow has taught us it's that actions have consequences, and since Nyssa was on the outs with her father, she had no desire to avenge her father's death. Talia, on the other hand, could feel differently, bringing Oliver an enemy of a different sort since he's never gone up against a woman as a major villain whose only plan is to kill him.

Is She Hoping To Reestablish The League of Assassins?

Talia wasn't consulted before Nyssa eradicated the League of Assassins. We don't even know where she was at the time. It's possible she was a die hard warrior who had no interest in breaking free of the will of her father. Nyssa, however, took that decision out of her hands.

Knowing the League was last seen in Star City, could Talia be coming to Oliver Queen's city to find the remnants of her people? As Ras Al Ghul's daughter and Nyssa Al Ghul's half-sister, she could certainly claim a right of passage as the new Ras Al Ghul. With the deadly skills she has at her disposal, who would stand in her way?

Is She Looking For Revenge Against Her Sister For The Destruction Of Their Heritage?

Nyssa Al Ghul was convinced by Oliver to end the League of Assassins, but she knew it was the right thing to do. She wanted the killing to stop as much as Team Arrow did, and she made the choice to melt Ras Al Ghul's ring, thereby freeing all of the assassins.

Talia Al Ghul grew up in the League of Assassin like Nyssa, but we know nothing of her feelings regarding her culture or heritage. Did she enjoying being a member of an elite group of assassins? Being feared by most of the world? If that's the case, she could be coming to Star City in search of Nyssa, maybe even thinking her sister still has their father's ring. If that's the case, the battle between sisters could be an all out war Oliver will have to end before innocents are killed.

Whatever the reason for her arrival, Talia Al Ghul brings a lot of questions and possible mayhem to Star City. And as a fan of Lexa Doig, I can think of no other person up for the task!

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Could Talia Al Ghul Be Coming To 'Arrow' For Revenge — Or A Different Reason?
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