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I'm an avid writer of fiction! I've had over 53 novels published and have written over 350 articles for Moviepilot.com. I can be found on the web at www.rachelcarrington.com and www.ajourneyoffives.com. #olicitylover #Arrowfanatic #Flashfan

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'Arrow': Will the Writers Redeem Team B or Expect Fans to Forget the Betrayal?
20 days ago
When Arrow ended its sixth season in May, Green Arrow was working alongside Mr. Terrific, Black Canary, and Wild Dog once again in an effort to bring down Ricardo Diaz. Viewers didn't know Oliver had ...
'Arrow' Season 7 Speculation: How Long Will the Series Keep Oliver Queen in Prison?
a month ago
When Arrow wrapped its sixth season in May, Oliver Queen was headed to prison at The Slab, which is a metahuman prison. It supposedly got its name from being so impenetrable that the only way prisoner...
Just Days After the Highly-Anticipated Wedding Episode, ‘When Calls the Heart’ Gets Renewed for Season Six
5 months ago
Warning: This post contains spoilers from the March 18th episode of When Calls the Heart. There is a reason why #Hearties was trending at #1 on Twitter on March 18th. When Calls the Heart pulled out a...
Why the Hallmark Channel's Popularity Is Growing Despite Cable Cutters
5 months ago
Hallmark Channel is well-known for its Countdown to Christmas and original family-friendly movies, but in October 2012, it debuted its first original series, a morning talk show called Home and Family...
Viewers Want These 'Arrow' Teammates Gone: What Will Become of Dinah, Curtis, and Rene?
5 months ago
Viewers aren't happy with the team-up of Curtis, Dinah, and Rene, otherwise known as Mr. Terrific, Black Canary, and Wild Dog. The writers have written the team into a corner and taken them past the p...
'The Flash': What Went Wrong During Barry Allan's Trial
7 months ago
The Flash returned from its winter hiatus tonight, ushering in Barry's trial for the supposed murder of Clifford DeVoe. And while I love The Flash, this episode had more issues than Time Magazine. In ...