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Disney's Top Ten Fun Characters

Disney and the Fun Times

There are many main characters that little boys and girls look up to, but what about the characters that make the movie fun?

10. Heihei

We all love watching the clumsy and slightly-weird rooster that gets himself into all kinds of trouble. First, eating a rock and then spitting it out again and then attempting to eat it once more. Then falling off of the raft into the sea and attempting to do it again. Heihei makes the movie a little more funny to watch.

9. Baloo from the 'Jungle Book'

He cannot stop the beat from taking him away. He takes Mowgli under his wing and teaches him how to have fun as well. Then of course the "Bare Necessities" is one of the catchiest songs known. Then he is also the character that saves Mowgli from the singing ape. Also, Phil Harris as Baloo was the perfect fit for the character. And yes, he is a bear sloth which makes him a cuddly friend.

8. Timone and Pumba in 'The Lion King'

The pair are a classic, they like to get into trouble together and they live as outcasts. They raise Simba together, but without the Hula dance, chances are we would soon forget about the couple. Timone, being the know-it-all, has the classic puns up his sleeve and would be nowhere without the lovable warthog who understands emotions more than anyone else.

7. Panic and Pain from 'Hercules'

Even though they work for Hades, they are a funny pair to watch because of their transformations and their constant pain and panic, which they are always getting themselves into.

6. Morph from 'Treasure Planet'

Morph is such a fun-loving little pet, he makes fun of the creepy spider thing aboard the ship and he causes a lot of trouble for someone so little. His ability to morph into any character and then talking in a high pitched voice is funny.

5.The Mole from 'Atlantis'

He is a character that is somewhat of a question mark, and his excitement over dirt is what makes him funny to watch. Especially, the scene when they all set up camp and he just digs himself a hole and we hear excitable laughter coming from the hole. Strange, but we all love it! 

4. Mushu from 'Mulan'

He is voiced by talent and the small dragon is hilarious to watch such as when he first appears to Mulan and then it turns out he is the size of a lizard. His dialogue are priceless: "dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow..." Funny as heck! He makes a happy face in Mulan's porridge. Then of course, the scene with the panda.

3. Kronk from 'The Emperor's New Groove'

This guy can talk to squirrels and the hilarious internal conflicts he has with himself make this character fun to watch. Kronk just does as he is told and that leads to hilarious conclusions. Kronk is also a very excitable character to watch with his sarcastic "Ri-ight... the poison for Kusco." Of course he is the one that turns the emperor into a llama, which makes the movie.

2. The Genie from 'Aladdin'

Voiced by the talented Robin Williams, the Genie and his voices make the movie fun to watch, especially during his song which is a classic. The genie is able to lighten up every sad moment in the movie helping Aladdin get through the tough parts. And he was right when he told Aladdin to tell Jasmine the truth.

1. Olaf!

He takes the number one spot because of his love for his friends. He also has a misconception of summer and which makes him much more lovable. His jokes are also pretty great such as when he tells Anna to knock and then asks Kristoff "doesn't she know how to knock?" Also how Anna first meets Olaf is funny. And he says that "some people are worth melting for." He understands what it means to be a true friend and gives the best advice on top of being funny.

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Disney's Top Ten Fun Characters
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