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'Dragon Ball Heroes' Guide

Your Guide to Understanding 'Dragon Ball Heroes'

So if you are looking for a crash course in Dragon Ball Heroes I would highly recommend you start here. A pair of the top Dragon Ball authorities goes into a complete discussion of how Dragon Ball Heroes emerged. Stop here if you do not want to receive any further spoilers.

A confirmation that the series will premiere on July 1 was shown on AEON Lake Town as well as in the official website, which puts an end to the speculation by fans.

The Game

First, we have the game itself, which can be partially credited for the resurgence of Dragon Ball into the world culture. Dragon Ball Heroes started as a Japanese trading card game and has since evolved into Super Dragon Ball Heroes, which you can see above. As of now, it is only available in Japan at one of their arcades.

3DS Game Not Available in the USA

It is also worth noting that there is a Nintendo 3DS game that you could potentially import from Japan if you were truly interested. However, this would only partially prepare you for the anime or arcade game since mobile video games always take liberties to make the game easier to handle on the game system.

The Game Continued

So if you are familiar with other trading cards game such as Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh, you may be a step ahead in understanding the style of play. To describe the game briefly, you have to collect cards to use. Actual physical cards if you want to use one of the arcades. You insert your trading cards into the arcade machine where you have the saved data of your account and you begin to build your teams. Meaning you have to have bought at least five cards if you want to play, this can be frustrating as many players have their favorite characters that they want to use. But you first have to get the particular card, which is hard because almost every character with every form or variation is available. After that, you have to balance your team with their class to ensure that your team is effective. Each card has strengths, weaknesses, power-up, special attack, special card actions, and passive abilities.

The Manga - 'Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission'

Beat and Note

Additionally after the release of the games, we received a number of mangas, also only released in Japan and online. Here is your link if you would like to check out the first manga used to promote Dragon Ball Heroes. You should note that these promotions have become a pattern for the games and it has led up to this anime.

The Anime - Prison Planet Arc

Many fans were underwhelmed by the first episode, which heavily advertised the meeting and first fight of Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Super Saiyan Blue. Unfortunately, the fight from the first blow to the last blast was only a minute long and the whole episode was only eight and a half minutes including the intro and outro. But we got a lot of great information about what's happening on the Prison Planet.

The Man Responsible for It All, Fu

To recap the episode, Goku and Vegeta are training with Whis, presumably in the prime timeline of universal 7 when Mai burst onto the screen telling them that Trunks, who was coming to train too, has disappeared. Our antagonist Fu also shows up and informs them he's a friend of Trunks and that he has been taken to the Prison Planet and Goku and Vegeta follow him blindly.

Once there we learn that Fu has captured strong warriors from different timelines and locked them up to fight for his entertainment. SS4 Goku and SS Blue Goku fire a Kamehameha at each other with the slim hope that they will be able to break out but with no luck. Fu tells them that the only way out is to collect all seven Dragon Balls and that he has given one to 7 different warriors. Setting up the premise of the special fight, all the bad guys get their Dragon Balls, wish yourself home.

At the tail end of the special we get to see what has become of Trunks. We flash to a dark room where we see Trunks is locked up with Frieza's brother, Cooler. A very interesting combination seeing as future trunks brutally destroyed both Frieza and their father King Cold at the beginning of the Dragon Ball Z Andriod Arc. Another interesting talking point is whether or not we will see a Golden Cooler as we have in Xenoverse 2.

The Evil Saiyan

Lastly, we were teased with the new Evil Saiyan. You may think that he's in armor or maybe some kind of regeneration chamber like we have seen Goku, Bardock and others use. But no, this is a straight jacket. He is under lock and key and for good reason. Look for him to wreck through both Gokus in the second episode.

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'Dragon Ball Heroes' Guide
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