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Hair Me Out: 7 Heroines Whose on Screen Hair Cuts Will Emotionally Wreck You

Here are some female TV/movie characters who lost their precious locks in a terrible way, or because they had to do it.

The hair is the crowning glory. It's also considered one of the best external assets of a person. Women take good care of their precious locks, because it is after all, precious.

I've had my fair share of good and bad haircuts since I was a little girl. Even the ones I chose to do on my own accord in an attempt to emulate Asuka Kazama's (Tekken) hairstyle. Man, I was relentlessly bullied for that one. And there was one time in 2nd grade when it was cut, REALLY, really short that I felt like Cersei Lannister doing the walk of shame every time I went outside.

When a woman chooses to have her hair cut, it symbolizes letting go; starting anew. However, when she's forced into it, the act would feel like overstepping a personal boundary and really feel like torture. It just is something so personal that no matter how ludicrous it could sound months after the hair's grown back, at the moment of having it cut against her will... It feels overwhelmingly dreadful. It's a feeling that someone would only wish upon his/her worst enemy ever.

Here are some female TV/movie characters who lost their precious locks in a terrible way, or because they had to do it.

7. Rapunzel ('Tangled')

Though it was for her own good, when Eugene cut off Rapunzel's hair she was obviously gobsmacked.

Me every time someone cuts my hair TOO short

It had been a part of her for so long that it pained her that she couldn't use its healing properties anymore. Most especially at the crucial stage when Eugene needed saving.

6. Mulan ('Mulan')

Even though Mulan did this on her own, it was a very tough decision to make. She couldn't let her father go off for the war in his condition, but she's risking to be executed herself if she's found to be an impostor! She was lucky that she wasn't discovered early on, otherwise she won't just be executed, but her fraud would be a shame to the Fa family forever.

5. Elizabeth Tudor ('Elizabeth')

Her master is her own self. And she remains a virgin - marrying her country instead of any man only wanting to marry her for political reasons. In this scene though, I pity her servant - crying while cutting the queen's hair.

4. Sara Fitzgerald ('My Sister's Keeper')

By shaving her hair off, Cameron Diaz's character Sara, gave a much needed you'll-never-be-alone confidence boost to her daughter Kate who is suffering from Leukemia.

3. Fantine ('Les Miserables')

Poor Fantine. A victim of a circumstance not entirely of her own doing. Her story was a painful ordeal to watch, but her tears when she sold her hair for her daughter's sake was just too much. Losing that makes it so much worse for Anne's character considering her societal status.

2. Cersei Lannister ('Game of Thrones')

There was one last thing Cersei needed to do before she was set free - to atone for the crimes she has committed. Honestly, while most of us hated Cersei, we loved her hair. The look on her face while her golden hair's being cut off is the look of indignity. Precisely what my reaction is during the time I'm undergoing an unwanted haircut.

1. Evey Hammond ('V for Vendetta')

Oh Evey. If you only knew all the other tortures you're set to experience. This was truly a painful scene to watch as it hits so close to home. And those were Natalie Portman's real hair and tears too!

There are some people who will never understand that even cutting the hair before we want it cut can be a troublesome and hurtful experience. I prefer mine to be cut a few hours before a New Year. Because for me, a long hair is culmination of a long time's work, care and experience.

In a few days time, we will welcome another new year. Will you get a trim?

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Hair Me Out: 7 Heroines Whose on Screen Hair Cuts Will Emotionally Wreck You
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