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Hollywood Should Stop Making Superhero Movies

Superhero movies are dulling out and becoming unoriginal, change my mind.

We all know that superheroes are the root for younger audiences in the cinema world. Each superhero has their own perk, their own backstory, and many kids love an action-packed good guy. However, there are other ways to influence kids, even adults, too, and milking superhero movies—especially the ones who’ve had ten different movies and versions already—isn’t the way to go. Not only do the superheroes change drastically, like Superman per se, where he’s now addressed as the “Man of Steel,” along with his suit, but their plots and their villainous competitions are DULL.

A prime example of this is the biggest franchise of all superhero movies, Marvel's Avengers. Now, don’t get me wrong, Thor, Hulk, Iron-Man, Black Widow and Captain America are all incredibly designed characters. But their movies, which started off as really cool, are now made so many times—their current movie being Infinity War—it’s getting very old, and to the point where a lot of their problems in the films could be solved within ten minutes within watching. Not to mention, the humor comes off very forced within each movie, and hasn’t shifted much at all.

The only major change that’s been made throughout the series’ production is the iconic movie, featuring a mostly African-American cast, Marvel’s Black Panther. It’s been awarded the BET Award for Best Movie, MTV Movie Award for Movie of the Year, Best Villain, and Best Hero of 2018. This movie has shattered box office records within Hollywood, earning over 1.3 billion dollars globally since its release.

Marvel’s next movie, being Avengers 4—a part two in that of Infinity War, which is their highest grossing movie yet—is to come sometime in May of 2019. My biggest concern is, if Thanos is the ultimate power-seeker and villain, will they finally put an end to the Marvel series, or will they continue to make films and spin-offs of other, and rather unpopular, superheroes, like Ant-Man?

It is also widely known that they will continue the Spider-Man series, as well, with Tom Holland playing the iconic role of Peter Parker and depicting a rather familiar character to the Spidey we all know in the classic comics. Titled, Spider-Man: Far From Home, that movie will be released in July 2019 after its first movie, being, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Will they make a continuous spin-off series for Spider-Man, just like they did for The Amazing Spider-Man series featuring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, or will they focus on something new?

Hollywood is getting rather angsty in the making of movies. Almost every movie I’ve seen that has come up on my newsfeed throughout social media is the REMAKING of original movies. An example could be the live-action remakes/spin-offs for classic Disney movies like Beauty and The Beast and Cinderella, or the great Robin Williams’ classic from 1995, Jumanji, now featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. In relevance, the constant remaking of superhero movies involving Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man. How do they consistently sell out box offices when they’re nothing original? They mostly all have the same tedious plot, featuring a lame villain who usually gets defeated in the end. WE NEED SOMETHING NEW!

The next Avengers movie, being the sequel to Infinity War, is something I’m hoping will not have such a cliche ending. The possibilities are: having an even more threatening villain who shows up in the end, indicating yet another movie for the Avengers cast; or perhaps just a boring, typical defeat of the villain, with the entire cast being alive and well after realizing it’s just a simulation created by Doctor Strange. I’m praying for you, Marvel, to have some original ideas that will make me a Marvel fan once again. 

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Hollywood Should Stop Making Superhero Movies
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