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How the 13th Episode Changed This Season's 'Arrow'

Change can be good for a show!


Arrow has always been the show with the climatic endings, the surprise twists that kept every fan on the edge of their seat. On the 13th episode, which aired on February 11th, the series threw several curveballs that were both expected and unexpected, and will take the show in a different direction when it returns on March 4th.

Oliver's son, William, departs Star City.

The episode begins with William’s obvious unhappiness with his home life. He doesn’t want to live with Felicity and Oliver because he wants a normal life. He even goes so far as to call his grandparents (on his mother’s side) who immediately arrive in Star City to the rescue. As much as Oliver wants his son to stay with him, he knows he can’t give him any sense of normalcy. It only takes another near-death experience to convince Oliver that allowing his son to leave is the best thing for him.

Curtis Holt takes a job in Washington DC.

Over the past few episodes, Curtis had expressed his dissatisfaction with the way things were going at A.R.G.U.S. He said he wanted to do things his way, so when a job offer comes from DC, he has a decision to make. Even though he was offered a better position at A.R.G.U.S., Curtis ultimately decides to leave Star City. This departure was at the request of Echo Kellum, the actor who portrays Curtis, and it’s entirely possible we haven’t seen the last of him. But, still, it will be interesting to have Felicity back as the only technological wizard.

Dinah is attacked by the Star City Slayer.

In an attempt to track down the Star City Slayer, Dinah joins Diggle, Curtis, and Rene on a hunt that takes them to an abandoned house in the Glades. Little does she know that Stanley, the creepy guy who’d befriended Oliver in prison, had been waiting for the opportunity to attack. He catches her off-guard and slits her throat, leaving fans wondering if this is how the Canary is going to lose her cry. Even Juliana Harkavy, the actress who portrays Dinah Drake, doesn't know the answer to the question, but it does open up the possibility of having only one Canary in Star City once more.

One phone call changes Felicity and Oliver’s life.

Because they’d been poisoned, Felicity and Oliver had their blood checked at the hospital. As the episode wraps up and Oliver and Felicity are saying goodbye to William, Felicity gets a phone call from Dr. Schwartz. And though we don’t hear what the doctor says, we’re provided enough information to know that Felicity is pregnant, which opens the door to the future.

The Final Revelation...

When the season started, fans were introduced to flashforwards, parts of the episodes which looked forward into the future. William was grown and had done well for himself financially. Zoe, Rene’s daughter, had taken up her father’s mantle, becoming a vigilante of sorts, Dinah had a few more gray hairs, but she was essentially the same, and then there’s Roy, who had been living on Lian Yu. This rag-tag team of heroes came together for one common good—to stop Star City from being bombed.

Once Black Star, a tough-talking, take-no-prisoners type of fighter, was introduced, fan interest was immediately piqued. It’s decades in the future, and this woman obviously knows a little too much about the fate of Felicity Smoak. The February 11th episode revealed why—Black Star is actually Maya Smoak, Oliver and Felicity’s daughter.

Most episodes of Arrow deliver a shocking blow, or, at the very least, a disturbing one, but this one edged out the others with its cast departures, injuries, and revelations. And though fans had been tossing around the idea that Maya was Felicity and Oliver’s daughter, the confirmation gave the show new life.

In addition, with the departure of Curtis and Dinah out of commission, it begs the question: is Arrow setting up a full reunion for Team Arrow? Will fans finally see Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, and the Black Canary back in full force, something which has been lacking this season?

Whatever's around the corner, tonight's big reveals have certainly added a shot of espresso to the remainder of Season 7!

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How the 13th Episode Changed This Season's 'Arrow'
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