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Leah Remini's Emmy-Winning Investigative Docuseries May Expose Other Cults In Season 3

No one has worked as hard at exposing Scientology as a cult than Leah Remini.

No one has worked as hard at exposing Scientology as a cult than Leah Remini. A former Scientologist, the King of Queens star has taken on the organization in her brutally honest documentary series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, winning an Emmy for her efforts. The series attracted between 1.4 and 1.6 million viewers, enough to score a second season, which premiered August 15th on A&E.

With ratings remaining strong for Season 2, Remini is now turning her attention to a possible Season 3 and is considering using her reach to expose other cults. Remini told Entertainment Weekly that she has been contacted by viewers who've shared information about cults similar to Scientology.

“Yes, I’m open to doing a season 3 in a different way. We’ve been getting an overwhelming amount of emails and people contacting us through [social media] about other cults that are similar [to Scientology], so I’m looking into that,”

And though Remini was warned about the possible ramifications of tackling other large scale religious organizations, she is only concerned about one thing—the truth.

“‘I don’t give a sh– about powerful. The truth is what I care about.'”

And she obviously knows what she's doing since Scientology attempted to curtail Remini's success by boycotting the Emmys. According to Remini, the church sent out a Facebook message after the Emmys, congratulating fellow Scientologists on the poor ratings.

‘Well done. We took a bite out of suppressive evil and it was the lowest-rated Emmys in history! We are winning! We’re kicking in the teeth of suppression!’

Karen Pouw, A representative for Scientology refuted Remini's claim that there was a boycott.

“There was no Scientology boycott of the Emmys. If one individual Jew boycotted the Emmys or a single Catholic boycotted the Emmys, would that constitute a Jewish boycott or Catholic boycott? No. The Church of Scientology certainly had no boycott of the Emmys.”

The church has been extremely defensive in its responses to Remini's claims, but that hasn't stopped her from continuing to peel back the layers of the organization. After spending 35 years as a member of the church, Remini knows what she's talking about. But if she does decide to focus on a different cult next season, she'll have to do her homework. Not all of them are as blatant as Scientology.

[Sources: EW]

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Leah Remini's Emmy-Winning Investigative Docuseries May Expose Other Cults In Season 3
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