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Minion Mayhem!

Kevin, Stuart and Bob are back!

Universal Studios Presents..........MINIONS

Are you ready for a new film involving the Minions? No it isn't Despicable Me 3. It's a brand new Minion Film.

These small yellow creatures are due to hit our screen June 2015 to cause more mayhem than before. The Minions begin to wipe out their Masters. This includes a T-Rex and Dracula. Then they come to realise that there are no leaders left for them and become rather depressed.

Kevin, Stuart and Bob

Trustworthy Kevin has come up with a magnificent plan! The 3 Minions set out to explore the world to find a brand new and evil Master! This Master is Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock). The worlds first ever female Super Villain!

Britain's First Super-Villain

The Minions will go through the Ice Age all the way to 1960s New York City but ending up in Modern London. They have a mighty mission here, to save all of the Minionkind from annihilation!!

The Minions will go onto isolating themselves from the huge world and plan to start a whole new life in Antarctica!

See the trailer below.

The Minions will be in cinemas in June (26th)! Can't wait!

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Minion Mayhem!
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