Lewis Jefferies

Film Industries and Creative Writing student at the University of Portsmouth.

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'Doctor Who' Announce Series 11 Writers and Directors Ahead of the Autumn Premiere
6 months ago
New Doctor announced—Check. New companions announced—Check. San-Diego Comic-Con—Check. Adding onto that list, the BBC have finally revealed who is writing for the new series, which will premiere this ...
'The Big Bang Theory' Cast and Crew Members Remember Stephen Hawking, Who Has Died at Age 76
a year ago
News broke to the world and hit social media hard this morning when it was announced that the world renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking, had passed away peacefully at his home at the age of 76. The Br...
Paddington Bear Gets One More Adventure as Michael Bond's Final Book Will Be Published in June
a year ago
You wouldn't think to fall in love with a bear, but when it comes to Paddington Bear, you just can't stop yourself from loving the magnificent bear so much. Paddington, who is from Darkest Peru, was c...
Jim Parsons Gives Insight Into Sheldon's 'The Big Bang Theory' Spin-Off Show
a year ago
With big storylines trekking through Season 10, it appears the showrunners of The Big Bang Theory have something fresh up their sleeves, as Jim Parsons explains more about what to expect in the brand ...
Jim Parsons Is Officially The Highest Paid TV Actor In the World
a year ago
It has recently been confirmed that Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory is the highest paid actor on television this year. Jim Parsons is well known for his role as the lovable but irritating Sheldon...
Sherlock Beats Star Wars At South Korean Box Office
a year ago
Step aside Star Wars lovers. You've been beaten. Sherlock Holmes stormed back onto our screens on New Years Day and in cinemas with 'The Abominable Bride' and has beaten 'The Force Awakens' at the Sou...