Lewis Jefferies

I'm a Creative Writing student at the University of Portsmouth, who is a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who!

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Season 10 Of 'The Big Bang Theory' Is Set To See Sheldon Move In With Amy
17 hours ago
It isn't long until The Big Bang Theory returns for Season 10 and lots of spoilers and secrets have been revealed already. However, has a brand new spoiler just been revealed just weeks before the Sea...
Looking Back At Gene Wilder's Truly Wonderful Acting Career
17 hours ago
On August 29th, 2016 news hit the world that the famous film legend, Gene Wilder had passed away aged 83. Gene Wilder, born Jerome Silberman was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the United States. He s...
'The Big Bang Theory' Is Set To Power Into Season 11
17 hours ago
Howard was given news in Season 9 of The Big Bang Theory that would change his life. Bernadette announced her pregnancy which caused fans jaws to literally drop. Many fans of the show were expecting B...
5 Things Confirmed For Season 10 Of 'The Big Bang Theory'
a day ago
San Diego Comic-Con has just drawn to a close and the executive producer of The Big Bang Theory was one of the many people to have attended the panel. Surprisingly he revealed some big news regarding ...
Jack McBrayer To Portray Penny's Brother In 'The Big Bang Theory'
a day ago
It's been reported that The Big Bang Theory executive producer Steven Molaro will be introducing not only Penny's mother to show, but her brother too! It has been announced that Jack McBrayer will be ...
'Shrek 2' And Its 5 Major Continuity Errors
a day ago
Shrek 2 is one of the most popular children's animated films of all time. Viewers get the chance to travel to Far Far Away to meet the King and Queen — Fiona's parents and Shrek's new Mother-in-Law an...