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Most Memorable 2017 Moments

What made 2017 a memorable year?

Danielle Bregoli, photo credit: The Sun

2017 was filled with ups, downs, plot twists, oddly satisfying videos, and just plain old crazy. But what moments made it into this list and made 2017...well...2017!?


Photo credit: The Handy Mano

Yep, this messy (but satisfying) goop made it onto this list. People were just obsessed with this oddly satisfying gunk. One YouTuber in particular kinda carried this trend on. Her name was Karina Garcia. Everyone loved watching her make slime or just playing with a giant blob of it. It got to the point we’re she decided to write a book about slime and release her very own slime kit!

Logan Paul

Photo credit: Trending all Day

Logan Paul is known for many reasons. Unfortunately, mostly negative things. He posted diss tracks on YouTube expressing the “rivalry” between he and his brother, Jake Paul. The two brothers were both known for using "clickbait" online to help their videos go viral. Logan Paul even stated that if he were to die while filming, he would let his manager post the video on YouTube. However, 2017 was his year as he got many more subscribers on YouTube.

Fidget Spinners

Photo credit: Wikipedia 

This simple and pretty useless toy was every kid's number one priority. Children even started bringing them into their schools, causing minor issues with distracting behaviour. Fidget Spinners were initially a tool for helping problems such as ADHD and Dyslexia, but it just seemed to distract children.

'Cash me outside, how bow dah?'

Photo credit: Hollywood Life

Danielle Bregoli is now in the public eye after starring in an episode of Dr. Phil. The video went viral after this badly behaved teen said, "Catch me outside, how about that?" but we all heard, "Cash me ousside how bow dah?" because of her accent. She is now famous after that one line we'll never forget.

Ed Sheeran

Photo credit: Billboard

This English musician blew up in 2017 following the release of his latest album, Divide. The album had 13 MILLION streams in 24 hours! Isn’t that something to think about?! This multi-millionaire pop star is now an MBE after being honoured by His Majesty, Prince Charles. Ed Sheeran has also released news on Instagram about his engagement with fiancé Cherry Seaborn.


Photo Credit: The Sun

In February of 2017, we were all excited to hear the news of Beyoncé’s pregnancy with her twins, Sir Carter and Rumi. She gave birth to them on the 14th of June. People were talking about this on the radio, at school, and just in normal “chit-chat.” And the photo she posted on Instagram blew us away.

One Love Manchester Concert

Photo Credit: Billboard 

In 2017, we were all hit by dreadful news about the attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Sadly, 22 lives were lost. However, Ariana visited the injured people who were in the hospital to show her respect. She had an idea to hold a benefit concert in Manchester. The people who came to the original concert got free tickets. In the One Love Manchester concert, many musicians such as Coldplay, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry came together to perform in this concert. The money raised went to the British Red Cross Foundation.

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Most Memorable 2017 Moments
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