Questions We Hope To See Answered in the Last Season of 'Grimm'

NBC's 'Grimm' begins its final season on January 6th. Here are some unresolved story lines going into the last 13 episodes

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Grimm is a show that on paper, should never have worked. Throughout its six season run, Grimm has aired on 4 different days of the week but has stayed primarily in the Friday time slot where very few shows survive, and its main character is a former reality star on MTV's Road Rules: South Pacific. Despite the seeming limitations, Grimm turned out to be a perfect combination for a TV network. It is a procedural, so that means it has valuable syndication rights, but it also has a strong plot that runs through the season and that keeps viewers tuning in week to week. Grimm was originally optioned by CBS, but was cancelled due to the writers strike. In 2011, NBC announced they had ordered a series titled Grimm which premiered right before Halloween.  Season 6 will wrap up the  Grimm saga, so here's what you need to know about the last 110 episodes and what to expect from the final 13.

This article won't be a full recap of the past 5 seasons. That would be way too long of an article, I don't have the patience to write it, and I doubt you have the patience to read it. If you haven't seen all of the previous episodes, I recommend you check them out on Amazon Prime. The purpose of this article is to set up the last season by discussing what loose ends have yet to be tied up and what we can (hopefully) expect to be resolved by the series finale.

The Magic Stick

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This is the big question mark going into this season. Throughout the series we've heard of the valuable keys and how many people would kill to get their hands on them. The keys eventually led Monroe and Nick to Germany and dig up a chest that has this stick wrapped in it. The stick healed Monroe when he got blood poisoning and kept Nick alive when he was shot multiple times. They also used this stick on Eve and it healed her wound, but it also may have turned her back into Juliette. We still don't know the full story about the stick, for example was it really a piece of the cross that Jesus was crucified on? Will Nick try to use it to his advantage or is it too dangerous and should it be destroyed? 

Zombie Nick

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In the second episode of season 3, titled PTZD, we get our first glimpse into Nicks zombie powers. After being poisoned by the Cracher-Mortel, Nick becomes a zombie and it takes his friends everything they have to turn him back to normal, but did they actually succeed? After Nick is cured he starts exhibiting some "zombie symptoms." He has an improved stamina and reaction time, he can hold his breath for an inhuman amount of time and he has incredible hearing abilities. As the series progressed we saw these abilities showcased less and less, but they still appear from time to time. Was he healed by the stick or will these zombie powers play a vital role in the end?

Wu the Werewolf

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One of my personal favorite characters, Sergeant Drew Wu (yes his first name really is Drew) went through a substantial change in season five. He contracted Lycanthropia, and during times of great stress he transforms into this werewolf/neanderthal hybrid. In this form he has incredible strength and he is a ruthless killer. He easily killed a Skalengeck and two Hundjägers in this form. With the help of Monroe and Rosalee he learned more about this form and how to control it. When season 5 ended we saw Wu have increased but not total control. Will Wu continue to hone in these abilities or will he eventually succumb to the monster?

What Will Happen Next?

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What we all really want to know is what will Portland be like after the events of the season 5 finale? Hadrian's Wall has been destroyed, the head of Black Claw has been killed and there are piles of bodies throughout the city. What will happen next and who will rise to power? What will the relationship between Nick, Adalind and Eve/Juliette be like? Will the Royals return? Perhaps the most important question is what will happen with Diana? Diana may be the most powerful creature in the Grimm universe due to her hexenbiest and royal bloodline. Diana is the reason Nick is alive, she made Renard kill Bonaparte, Nick however, does not know this. Does this mean Nick will treat Renard like an ally, or are they still on opposite sides of this war. Hopefully we get all these answers in the final season of Grimm.

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Questions We Hope To See Answered in the Last Season of 'Grimm'
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