Jason Schwartz

Recent college graduate with passion for television, the 90s and ridiculous trivia.

Terrible Movies That Should Have Been Great
a month ago
Movie making is a complex art. It takes more than a good idea to make a good movie. There are plenty of great ideas that end up being terrible movies. Whether it's the writing, acting or poor pacing, ...
What is Currently the Best CW Superhero Show?
2 months ago
The very first article I ever wrote was a preview for the CW superhero shows of Fall 2016, so it seemed only right that I would post an updated list of how I thought these shows ranked now that the se...
How To Have a Successful YouTube Career
2 months ago
Everyday countless numbers of people try to make a career for themselves on YouTube. Whether they view YouTube as a way to make some nice money on the side or as a full-time career, people are constan...
Why the Channel 'NowThis Nerd' is Doomed to Fail
3 months ago
I know a lot of people are angry about the launch of the "new" YouTube channel, NowThis Nerd, and I want to explain to those who don't understand why that is the case. In 2013, Philip DeFranco launche...
Forgotten Cartoons From the 2000's
4 months ago
I pride myself on my ability to remember all the shows of my childhood. While many people can name all the main characters in Rugrats, I challenge you to find somebody who can name the two main charac...
Human Target and How the Forgotten DC TV Show Would Succeed Today
4 months ago
DC Comics have been represented in live action form on television since Adventures of Superman aired in 1952. There are currently 9 shows airing that are based on DC Comics, while in the 90s there wer...