Samurai Jessie: Origins P3

The Conclusion to Our Hero's Origin

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They led Jessie to Damian’s place and they found that Richard had the place surrounded with his men. They were all armed with machine guns and some had grenades. Jessie was already coming up with a plan in his head, when he saw something that caught his eye. Across the street, he thought he saw a woman. Before he could see her face, she disappeared in a sort of blue haze or a mist.

“Jessie? Are you with us?” asked Maya.

“Ye-Yes. Alright. This is the plan: Dan, you get the FBI here as soon as you can and tell them that there are violent criminals here with explosives and the intent to use them. Maya, when I take out enough of them, you grab a gun and start shooting the rest in their knees or their arms. Got it?”

“What about you? What are you going to do?” Dan asked.

“Me? I’m gonna have a little fun with these guys before I take them down. Just watch.”

Jessie changed into a homeless person. And went up to two of the guys close to the alley and asked him if he could help move this heavy gold chest he found by the docks. The guy went with him and then Jessie choked one out and hit the other one with a giant hammer he had turned his hand into. Then, he took one guys’ uniform and turned into someone else who looked similar to him and went back to talk with four of the other guys. He told them that some of the other men were knocked out and should come help him out. He took the men to the alley and turned both of his hands into giant fists. He clapped his hands with all of their heads in between them. They fell to the ground and one hit the side of the garbage can with his head. It made the rest of the men come and check it out.

Jessie said, “Uh-oh.” And he turned back into his original human form. He took out the first group that came with a giant punch. One guy ducked and shot at Jessie. Jessie dodged the bullet and kicked the guy in the head. He stomped on his back and the man let out a painful yell. Then, he ran out of the alley and he started punching the guys that came at him. By the time he took out more than half of the guys, Dan had finished his call. Jessie told Maya and Dan to handle the rest of them. They each grabbed a gun and started shooting. Dan shot a guy in the leg and Maya hit a guy in the arm. Jessie ran into the building and climbed up the stairs to start looking for Damian.

Greg tried to ambush Jessie with a sledgehammer but missed. He tried again to hit him and Jessie caught it, broke it, and then punched Greg straight in the face. Greg fell to his knees and Jessie kicked his face. He picked him up and slammed his face into the ground. Greg held his head up, sighed, and let his head fall back onto the ground. Jessie walked to the next room and opened the door. Toni fired his shotgun at Jessie but missed. Jessie ducked and “metal-shifted” into the room right behind Toni. By the time Toni turned around, Jessie turned his hand into hammer and hit him in the gut.

Toni tried to return the favor and ended up hurting his fist. Jessie elbowed Toni in the back of the head. Toni fell to the ground and Jessie picked him back up. He held him above the ground and hit him with an uppercut that sent Toni flying onto a table. He went right through the table and groaned. Jessie turned to the next door and opened it. As soon as he opened the door, he was looking down the barrel of a gun. Richard told him not to move and to look at him. Richard was holding a revolver to Damian’s head.

“What did you say this guy’s name was, kid? Bruce? Ken?”

“His name is Jessie,” Damian replied.

“Jessie. So good to put a name to the face that beat me earlier today. Jessie, meet Damian’s father, Max. Say hello, Max.”

“I am so sorry to do this to you, kind sir. He has a loaded gun pointed at my son’s head. I have to protect my family. I have to.” Max sobbed.

“I understand, Max. I am going to get you all out of this, alright? Don’t worry about it. What do you want, Richard?”

“Well Jessie, it’s simple really. I want you to die. Come over here, Max. Behind me, over here. This gun Max is carrying is a special gun. A one of a kind gun, stolen from some top secret lab. I noticed you… absorbed the metal pipe. So, the way I see it, you’re somehow made of metal. Am I right?”

“You are correct.” Jessie reluctantly agreed.

“Ah. Yes. Well, this gun happens to get rid of metal. Guy sold it to me earlier this week for cheap. He said I would need this in the future. I didn’t believe him, but I’m glad I bought it anyway. Best $10,000 I ever spent. You’re gonna regret crossing me,” Richard threatened.

“What do you plan to do, Richard? You gonna kill me, and then what? You gonna take down a federal agent and then what, hmm?”

“Doesn’t matter if you’re a fed, a detective, a cop — I’ll kill anyone who crosses my path. After I finish killing you, I’m gonna go after those two you helped this morning. Then, anyone in the city who tries to stop me, doesn’t do what I say, anybody who looks at me wrong will all die. I guess I still could blow up the mayor, but he’ll have some friends with him before I detonate it. Too bad you won’t be around to see any of my beautiful plans in action. Max, pull the trigger.”

Max looked at the bomb, at the gun in his hands, and at the gun in Richard’s hand pointed at his son’s head. Max started to shake. “Do it, Max!” Richard shouted. He looked at his son. 

“Don’t do it, Dad! I’m not worth it!”

“Silence, kid!” Richard choked Damian a bit. “Now, you kill the guy or I kill your son ... then you. I’ll leave the decision up to you, Max.”

Max’s hand started to tremble more. He looked at Jessie.

“It’s okay, Max. I understand what you have to do. I understand. Please, save your son. Family comes first. Believe me; I know what that’s like.”

“I am so sorry, sir. Please, forgive me,” Max said. He pulled the trigger and the recoil from the gun forced him all the way into the back of the room. Richard let Damian go and he ran to tend to his father. Richard slowly made his way towards Jessie to see if he was dead. He saw his body was a puddle of some burning liquid. He came to the conclusion that Jessie was done for.

While Richard was inspecting Jessie’s remains, a woman made her way into the building and crept up behind Damian and his father. She put her hands on their mouths, and said she would get them out of here. She put her hands on their shoulders, and the next thing they knew, they were outside, across the street from the building. She told them to get somewhere safe.

Max started to thank her. “Thank you. Thank you miss…”

“Think nothing of it.” She started to walk away, turned around and said, “And call me Global Girl.” 

And she kept walking. 

“Hopefully it catches on.” She shouted back to them. In a cloud of black smoke, or something, she disappeared.

“Who and what was that woman, son?” Max asked. 

“That woman is a friend, Dad.”

The woman ended up in the building and hid from Richard so she could watch him. Richard walked around the puddle that was once Jessie and laughed once he came full circle.

“You know, Damian… I thought things were gonna be hard. I thought Jessie was gonna be hard to kill. Turns out, he wasn’t. Now that he’s gone, no one can protect you … from me.” Richard turned around and shot at nothing. He was stunned that Damian and Max were not where he thought they were. Then, the woman revealed herself. She was not afraid or anything. She had a smile on her face despite being feet away from a mad man with a gun.

“Hello, Richard.”

“Who are you and where did you come from? Where did the others go?”

“They're safe; somewhere you can’t get to them. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about them. Right now, you need more help than they do.”

“What? What the hell are you talking about?”

Just as Richard was asked the question, the puddle of Jessie started to stir. A form was rising from the puddle. A new human form was rising. Jessie came back, but not as the Jessie Richard once knew. Jessie was a woman. “Hiya, Robert. Miss me?”

Jessie morphed his leg into a bat and hit Richard in the gut. Richard doubled over, and Jessie punched Richard in the head. He hit the floor. As quick as it happened, Jessie was holding him up by his collar. Jessie turned him around and the woman started punching Richard in the face, in the gut, and finished him off with a roundhouse kick to the face. Jessie let him go and he went flying into the side of the wall. He went halfway through and stopped.

“I was holding back.” The woman shrugged. 

“You certainly know how to make a… reentrance. You always able to do that?” she asked him playfully.

“Ever since I got my powers. You always able to… teleport, I assume?” Jessie went back to the form he had a couple of minutes ago.

“Same as you. You seem to remind me of someone. Do I know you from somewhere?”

“I know you. I thought I lost you to be honest. Does this ring a bell?” Jessie changed back into the woman he looked like when he helped the little girl escape from the fire. The woman gasped and put her hands over her mouth.

“Stop faking. You knew it was me, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I knew it was you. You could have changed 100 times and I would have known you every time.”

“I am so sorry for not reaching you in time. I could have made it. I–”

“It’s okay. I saw that you tried to save me. That’s all that matters. I knew I was going to be fine. That’s why I told you to make sure the girl got out of there in time. It’s weird because the day before the fire, I was met by three people in robes. They told me that I should come with them if I wanted to help change the world. I went with them and they, long-story-short, fused me with this weird thing. I looked the same when it was done, but I felt different. They explained that I had the power to teleport and a few other powers I had to discover for myself. That was a week ago. The fire was five days ago. Before you start interrupting me; I do not have the ability to live forever like you do, I am merely in this time period because the people in robes brought me to this time period. They briefed me on what was going on and what my mission is: I have to save people. Also, I'm from another dimension. I assume you are as well?”

“Why, yes, I am. Good to know that the 'robies' are still going even after I’m gone. So I’m assuming we are from the same dimension, we met the same three people, went through a combination spell, and are now both in the same dimension and are here at the same time… am I correct?”

“I assume so… what is your name again? Jessie, was it?”

“Yes it is. And you are?”

“My name is Camile. How about you introduce me to the other people you have made an impression on around here?” Camile asked.

“You got it. By the way, you know I could've taken them out without all that fighting right, right?" 

"I'll assume so. Given that I don't know all you can do, I don't see why not." 

"Good. You know it was a 'Karma' thing we got with the robies, right? Did they explain that part to you?" 

"Yeah. I understand." 

"Cool. I haven't told Maya and Dan yet. I will... in time. Let's go see them." Jessie took her to meet everyone else he met earlier that day while they waited for the FBI to show up and they took away Richard, Greg, and Toni. Those three didn't look too happy.

“So what should we do now?" asked Camile.

“Whoever needs saving, we will save,” Jessie said. 

They heard a scream from around the corner and they were off to help the next person. Because that is their mission: to save people.

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