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'Stranger Things 2' - A Review

No Spoilers

Stranger Things 2 was released on October 27 2017, to Netflix. The cult hit from the Duffer brothers, saw a return to Hawkins, Indiana, one year on from the events of the last series. 

It's Halloween 1984, and Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and especially Will are still haunted by the Upside Down. Mike is distraught over the loss of Eleven, after she took on the Demegorgon and vanished. Will is still feeling the after effects of being stuck in the Upside Down, as his mother, Joyce, is moving on with her life, while still being understandably overprotective of Will. Winona Ryder really shines in her role. Gone is the haggard, overworked mother from last year. She is tough, determined and ready to do anything to protect her sons, even if it means facing monsters. Will has a lot more to do this season, since he was largely absent from season 1. What has the other side done to him? Has he truly escaped, or will he be pulled back in?

The second season is bigger, more action-packed, and it expands on the mythos of the first season. If season 1 was Alien, then season 2 is Aliens. We get to see more of the Upside Down and its inhabitants, while Eleven gets more backstory and learns where she comes from. This season Eleven is sporting a "Ripley" look. It suits her tough persona as she really kicks ass this time around, protecting her friends.

 There are also elements of The Lost Boys, Ghostbusters, The Terminator and a few John Hughes flicks, too. Stranger Things has a way of invoking nostalgia without shoving it down your throat. Hats off to the Duffer brothers — they have created a great show.

The love triangle between Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan continues, but with Steve's actions in the first season, it is hard to hate him. He could have been a one-dimensional character, but he redeemed himself by jumping into the fight. The second season sees him teaming up with the younger kids, creating a great double act between him and Dustin. Jonathan wants to help his brother and he needs Nancy's help. Who will Nancy choose? And will she regret her decision in the future? 

Work has already begun on season 3 and the young stars continue to make headlines, especially Finn Wolfhard, who also starred in this year's hit remake - IT.  They have added 80s star Sean Astin to the line up, who of course, is most famous for 80s hit The Goonies. Astin plays Bob, a new love interest for Joyce, and an AV enthusiast. He is goofy and tries too hard, but he is a very likeable character.

Sadie Sink is the new potential member of the group, as hot-headed Max, a gamer and skateboarder, who proves she is just as tough as the boys. She has just moved to Hawkins with her bully brother Billy, played by Dacre Montgomery from Power Rangers. It is refreshing to have new characters being pulled into the chaos. Despite everything that has happened, the town of Hawkins is still largely in the dark about the Demegorgon, the Upside Down and all the horrors it holds. Everyone who was involved in the events has been sworn to secrecy. 

And if you are still wondering, what about Barb? Then fear not, tribute is paid to the character throughout the season. #JusticeforBarb.

With the Duffer brothers promising at least four seasons out of the show, we have much more to come. Its a pity we have to wait a whole year for the next one!

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'Stranger Things 2' - A Review
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