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The TV series

Since Tyler Hoechilin appeared in Season two of Supergirl alongside his cousin the Girl of Steel, DC fans are wondering if there would be another TV series featuring the man of steel.

If there were to be a TV series with Tyler Hoechilin playing the last son of Krypton, I wonder what characters would make an appearance (aside from Lois Lane and Perry White).

This, here, is a suggestion story of who should appear in the series.


Comic Vine

The master of War World and world-conquering alien tyrant has given the Man of Steel something to sweat about time and again in comics (see Superman vs Mongul comic collection). He has never made a live-action appearance in any of the DC-based films or TV shows.

It would be a great opportunity for the alien warlord to make an appearance and introduce everyone to War World.

The real question is, who would be right to play him?


I know he was used in the DC movie Justice League, but why not have the member of Darkseid's Elite make a TV based appearance?  It would have to be a different actor than Ciarán Hinds who was in the movie.  

The uncle of Darkseid who definitely introduces The Arrowverse to The New Gods angle of the DC universe would certainly prove interesting.

Steel (John Henry Irons)

I know the Shaq movie was terrible, but that is no excuse to exclude the weapons engineer of Team Superman?  The Arrowverse could certainly use another engineering genius with a cool exo-suit.

Having been a former employee of Amertek Industries and that the company used Iron's work to fund gangs and build copies of his exo-suits, would certainly make a good plot for an episode.


How can you not want Superman's beloved canine companion Superdog to not be in the series?  He was in Smallville, therefore it would only be logical to have him in the series.

The Cadmus Group

A serious thorn in the side of Supergirl, it would come as no surprise that the antagonists for the Girl of Steel would give Superman a hard time.

Seeing that they have done a lot of no good in the Supergirl series, what harm could they do to Metropolis and the Man of Steel himself if he had his own series?

General Zod

The last general of the Kryptonian army certainly has had it in for Superman from both theatrical appearances. Giving him a role in a TV series would certainly make things interesting and besides that, he has never made a live-action TV appearance.


There is word going on around the internet that the last Czarnian/intergalactic bounty hunter will be making a live-action movie appearance directed by Michael Bay.

But in case the movie sucks, the bad mouthed bounty hunter could make a live-action appearance in a Superman TV series if he doesn't in Supergirl.  He was mentioned in the first season episode of Supergirl, "Truth, Justice and the American Way," but never was his name actually mentioned.

I wonder how this on and off again rival of Superman would be used if there was a series?

Bibbo Bibbowski

A fan of Superman and comic relief character whenever he tries to help the Man of Steel, the owner of the Ace o' Clubs have never made a long, live-action appearance in anything Superman related.

I think the hard, yet lovable character needs to make a larger appearance in anything Superman related. Don't you agree?


I know that I am talking about Superman here, but what would be better than having the Dark Knight team up with the Man of Steel?  It would not be anything like Batman v.s. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  They could work together on a common threat that will happen in Metropolis, like say Cadmus getting the Joker or some other Bat-villain to assist them in getting rid of both DC heroes?

Just a thought, mind you. 


Saving the best for last.

The tyrannical ruler of Apokolips has been the biggest threat in the galaxy to Superman and has shown no sign of relenting in his quest to conquer the universe and eliminate all free will.

How he would be portrayed and who would play him is the question, if there were to be a live action Superman series.

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