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'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' Episode 4

Episode 4 of a Great Season of 'Survivor!'

Survivor: Edge of Extinction Logo

Wow! What a great episode of so far, an amazing season of Survivor! First off, it was a good choice by Manu to blindside Chris. That was a good decision and a great blindside to watch. And of course, Reem and Keith weren't very hospitable towards him when he joined them at the Edge of Extinction because, of course, they wouldn't. He helped vote them out. Meanwhile, at Manu, Wendy was still causing chaos, giving back the flint and telling David that she wasn't done yet. Then, the whole game was shaken up. The tribes were shaken from two tribes to three tribes, creating Lesu. However, in a surprise. Five original Kama members stayed at Kama, five original Manu members moved to Lesu, and four original Kama and one original Manu became the new Manu tribe. Leaving Wendy with four Kama. This is a very interesting swap and it'll be interesting to see how it goes. At Kama, the tribe bonded again over being a strong five. Then Joe, realizing he would be in trouble, tried to align with Ron, to which he lied and agreed. However, it turns out Ron only got Joe to the watering hole so Julia could look through his stuff to make sure Joe didn't have an idol, which means if Kama loses, Joe is a likely candidate for the Edge of Extinction. Meanwhile, at Lesu, Lauren started to get sick, realizing the adventure of Survivor is a lot more difficult than she expected. At Manu, Wendy gave the new Kama tribe a tour, spilled all of the secrets about her old tribe members, and really bonded with her new tribemates. But they also wanted to kill the chickens. So, that night, Wendy released the chickens so they could be safe. And at the Edge of Extinction, each of the three struggled. Keith even considered giving up. But, with the time they had a fish to catch, Chris, Keith, and Reem started to bond. Back at Manu, the original Kama members began to share the original Manu's frustrations with Wendy, wanting her out for freeing the chickens. They even told her that they would hunt and she begged them not to kill the chickens. A chicken's scream even interrupted Eric's confession, continuing to taunt him. At the immunity challenge, the tribes had a close battle, racing through a course in the rain, all the way to the puzzle. Then, in a close finish, the new Manu won immunity, sending Lesu to another tribal council, showing that even after a swap, those five are cursed to lose. Kelley even referred to them as the Cleveland Browns tribe, not able to do anything right. Before Tribal Council, it was an obvious split between the alliances of David and Rick vs. the alliance of Kelley Wentworth and Lauren, with WarDog in the middle and conflicted. On one end, Rick is a smart player who could play a great game in the merge, possibly getting some Kama to trust him. On the other end, Lauren is not eating, getting sick, which could cause her to get weaker and would just send Lesu to more tribal councils, making them have to boot even more members of their happy family. At Tribal Council, Rick opened in a news report type of way. Then Lesu talked about the difficulty of the vote, as well as the love and respect that they have for one another. Tears were even shed as the tribe had to get rid of someone that they cared out. And ultimately, WarDog made his decision and Rick Devens was voted out, and unbeknownst to the rest of the tribe, he went to the Edge of Extinction (which is awesome because I'm a Rick fan now). Overall, this has been a great episode of Survivor tonight and I can't wait to see what happens next week when WarDog wants Lauren out, Victoria wants to blindside Eric, and the Edge of Extinction keeps getting crazier and crazier.

#Survivor #SurvivorEdgeofExtinction #EdgeofExtinction #ByeRick #TheSurvivorNewsReport #FreeTheChickens #RickShallReturn #ItsThreeTribesNow #GoodLuckDavid #SoFarAwesomeSeason #Survivor38

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'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' Episode 4
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