Nathan Miller

I am Nathan Miller, on this site I shall write about many different subjects, from rock music to video games to films to my favorite show, Survivor, maybe even other stuff. Hope you read my stuff and enjoy it.

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'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' Episode 9
4 days ago
Wow! Yet another great episode of Survivor! First off, looks like Survivor isn't doing the "previously" part anymore, just right to the game. Alright, not bad. Anyway, good job getting Julia out. Alth...
'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' Episode 8
11 days ago
Wow! This season just keeps getting better and better! So first off, nice job blindsiding Eric, it was a great move and now, it truly feels like an individual game rather than Kama VS Lesu. So, Ron an...
Survivor: 'Edge of Extinction' Episode 7
16 days ago
Wow! What an amazing episode of Survivor! First off, wait, no previously? Wow, definite first time that, not for an episode that wasn't a premiere, that there wasn't a "Previously on Survivor." That i...
'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' Episode 6
25 days ago
Wow! What a great episode of Survivor tonight! So, first off, good move getting Wendy out. Easy, simple. Then, the beginning of this episode. The tribes merged into one. Then, the survivors from the E...
'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' Episode 5
a month ago
Wow! What an amazing DOUBLE episode of Survivor tonight! First off, while sad, good move getting rid of Rick. He definitely is a strong player that will definitely do well should he return from the Ed...
'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' Episode 4
a month ago
Wow! What a great episode of so far, an amazing season of Survivor! First off, it was a good choice by Manu to blindside Chris. That was a good decision and a great blindside to watch. And of course, ...