Humanity or geek-manity? Humanity topics include pieces on the real-life lives of geek advocates and influencors.

Anna Simonea day ago
Can Our Entertainment Be Modified?
As a fellow westerner (North American a.k.a. Canadian) I can confirm that we are cursed with a short attention spans and get bored rather quickly. Which then kind of explains why our entertainment ind...
Conor Huftona month ago
Poor Fairy Tales With Valid Messages
A lot of fairy tales are obscure for a reason, and in the cases of these mentioned below, the obscurity is probably something to do with how poorly they executed otherwise genuine messages.
Isabel Melim2 months ago
Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil. The English Dictionary defines it as “something unpleasant that must be accepted in order to achieve a particular result”. Or as I prefer to say, something bad that must exist in order...
Tom Chapman3 months ago
The Quinner Takes It All: Harley Quinn Smith Wants To Play Young Dr. Quinzel In 'Gotham City Sirens'
While last year's shambles that was Suicide Squad may have been a bit of a hand buzzer to the planned Harley Quinn solo film, the idea of the newly announced Gotham City Sirens instead opens up a whol...
Jazz Umbre3 months ago
Pokemon is a Huge Part of My Life
Pokemon has been around for almost 22 years now (Being released in Japan on February 27th, 1996) and it has been a huge part of my life since I was about 7, when I got my first Pokemon game (Pokemon B...
Art-Peeter Roosve3 months ago
'The Dark Knight' And 'Black Sails' — A Fascinating Combo For Exploring The Human Nature
Are we only as good as the world allows us to be? That question has refused to leave my head while following the stories of all the irresistibly varied and conflicted characters in Black Sails — a gri...
RoAnna Sylver3 months ago
Everyone's Dressed Like You: How Seeing Yourself On TV Can Change Your Life
You feel alone. Maybe you know there's something wrong with you. Maybe you don't, but others think so, and tell you every day. Eventually it sinks in. You start to believe them, much more than you bel...
RoAnna Sylver3 months ago
Do Not Mistake Composure For Ease: Invisible Illnesses, Power Metal and Star Trek
Living with a chronic illness or #disability is hard. It impacts every single area of your life. If you have one, you're probably at least always aware of it. It's not the kind of thing that goes away...
Tisha Eaton3 months ago
I Wanna Be Where the Fandoms Are
In taking the Can We Guess Which Fandom You Belong In? quiz, I knew with absolute certainty that it would most likely be one of two answers... Disney or Fantasy. My result was animation.
Louis Nicholas3 months ago
The Modern Sisyphus
Long gone are the days of the swagger man in his white tie and tails. Long gone is the time when man sipped his whiskey with a cigar holder in a pristine white jacket, whilst his lady sips a cocktail ...
Briony Muckle3 months ago
Things I Learned From the Harry Potter Series
I was the perfect age for Harry Potter - I learned to read on the books and the first film came out when I was 6. From the word 'go' I was absolutely enamoured, and my enthusiasm has only grown as I'v...
Subham Das3 months ago
Rowling Verifies: A 6 Year Old Compiled a 'Back To Hogwarts' List and It's Adorable
J.K.Rowling has created a whole new world for us and it has engulfed people all over the world in its beauty. There are hardcore Potterheads who pride themselves on their knowledge of the wizarding wo...
Shannon Spran5 months ago
Homosexuality in Anime
You've seen it in Western media before; in fact, it has become a significant part of our world's population. What I'm talking about is homosexuality, or the attraction to somebody of your own sex (Mal...
Kayla Murphy5 months ago
Gender Inequality in Entertainment
There seems to be many hidden gender stereotypes and inequality in our entertainment. Many them are in the things we love to do, like listen to music, read books, watch movies, and look at art. Most p...
Megan Roche7 months ago
How Finding a Fandom Saved My Friend's Life
The internet can be a scary place. There are so many issues that come to light like pedophiles and child pornography. That said, the internet can be the sprouting ground for beautiful friendships and ...
Megan Burton7 months ago
Zombies. The Undead. Walkers. The cannibalistic risen dead go by many names, the most common derived from the Haitian word "zombi." They have been imbedded in our culture since the Night of the Living...
Sean Bw Parker7 months ago
Hey Duckface Selfie, Whatever Happened to the Weird?
In the same way that the pejorative "gay" continues to mean effeminate, non-realistic, or light from some mouths, "weird" has long meant non-mainstream and possibly threatening. When David Bowie’s Zig...
Batman v. Superman's Islamaphobic Message
For the record, I wouldn't be discussing this film if I didn't think there was anything new to say about it. Removing myself from the hordes on both sides, arguing as to whether this a good or bad fil...