The Most Underrated Disney Movie

Didn't it deserve more?

The Princess And The Frog

If anything, this movie is one of the most beautiful Disney animated movies of recent times. Now it didn't do so well, and, people being people shouted, "RACISM!!" But was it really?

Now don't get me wrong; a movie about Disney's first African-American princess is no easy feat, and obviously making her the most hardworking Disney princess in recent times makes it worth putting a question mark over it, but really, I'm here to gush over this movie.

Its Style

Its style is what sets it apart from other recent movies. Especially because it's a homage to the purity of old movies–and one Walt himself would be proud of. Just like Cinderella, Tiana kinda has to work because of something, but unlike Cinderella, Tiana has to work hard for her dreams, and to make her vision of her future come through. This shows that Disney truly understands the struggle and strife and what it takes. It pokes holes in it's older familiarities but also pays a visit into the very insight that brought Disney to a spectrum of what it has become.

It's Music.

Obviously the music is pretty connected to the stylings of Princess and The Frog but, it deserves a mention on it's own; Because it sure as hell makes it more relatable and it makes it timed and timeless at the same time.

It's Story.

It's story is the one that makes it into focus. It of course stays close to it's roots as much as possible and brings in something newer with it's casting and brings in a newer perspective. Because of Tiana's skin color we can see that she has to work double hard. But then again, this is me comparing a poor person to a rich person. As comparatively sound as that may be, there is something to be said that the rich person belonged to a party that does have the upper hand and was historically the one who controlled most of the land. And that being the person of Caucasian persuasion. But it doesn't make a difference when Tiana and her best friend has a similar dream; to become princesses. But it's more likely that her best friend is more likely to achieve that dream by way of her father's status, and/or money.

The Characters.

Charlotte(Tiana's best friend) is one of the perkiest, bubbliest and the most interestingly weird characters. She is obviously in love with her own life and in love with her own destiny. She wishes to have everything and she practically gets it but when it comes to her best friend Tiana, she is very practical and very humane. Tiana as I've said, is the most hardworking person. She has obviously no time for romance, but she soon learns that it's okay to have a little help on the way to achieving her dreams; and what more if she falls in love, it's alright.

Prince Naveen is the cliched one. I must admit, he's the careless prince, but he learns his lesson in the end. I will say that he does have some interesting insights, and that is the reflection of the help, Lawrence. In a way Lawrence is the juxtaposition of Tiana because he came from humble beginnings as well, but unlike our main protagonist, he's had to meet with more abuse and he's had more rejection and anger. Thus, it makes sense why he would work with Dr. Facilier: He is Dr. Facilier and he's got friends on the other side

Dr. Facilier

Facilier and his friends from the other side.

This guy, this guy! He is a classic Disney villain. He is my top five Disney villain. I mean this guy's scary and like all walks of life, the saying still says true to never play with dark magic, or even in the Asian saying, is to never play with spirits. Because Facilier has some friends, and it's not friends at all. Whether it be black magic or more likely as we saw in the film, blood magic, he is one true baddie that in the end bet on the wrong horse.

I mean don't get me wrong, in real life as well, was to see that he never showed a blink of despair or doubt about his doings, but he never really thought about how to play his cards as well. He knew Lawrence was dumb, so why not watch him like a hawk, I mean he did, but then he couldn't get the blood from Naveen. I mean all I'm saying is he shouldn't have let Lawrence try to get more blood from Naveen he could have done it himself. But all-in-all he's a baddies baddie. And after all these years I still remember, "Friends From The Other Side," that's how much of an impact he made. Obviously the main theme was "We're Almost There" but the baddie theme is the one we kinda look forward to.

Why It Did Badly.

 I think this movie was seriously jibbed and I don't think racism was involved. I think it was because Disney had two properties competing that weekend and something like Princess and The Frog just wasn't something they wanted to see because the main audience was going for something more connected to them and that was, Tangled.

I mean really when you think about it, Tangled was the more modern pop type and it just related to it's demographic more and I guess the type of animation had a hand in it too. Especially since Tangled was more of the 3D CGI animation that Disney does more of nowadays, compared to Princess and The Frog whose animation was the 2D animation and more of the drawing storyboards.

But for what it's worth the Princess and The Frog did much better in my opinion in it's story and it's characters and it's boldness to go into that rag time music style of New Orleans and that makes me all the more, want to applaud it.


I guess, justice for Princess and The Frog will never come. But I will say it is the most underrated Disney movie of the 21st Century. I mean come on, comparing it to Frozen, this was the better movie. Comparing it to Tangled this was the better movie. And something even more bold I would say is that this movie was a better movie than even Moana - There I said it! Obviously Moana has it's own strengths but this movie just came out swinging and never stopped. Some say there are too many loopholes and for me, yeah that's somewhat true. But all-in-all, I think the story did it's work and you could follow it enough to know the conflicts and the resolutions in this movie.

Out of 10 it deserves an 8.7

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