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The Multiverse

My Thoughts on What Else Could Exist in DC

I know that many of you DC fans are aware of the Multiverse. You've seen it in the Flash series where Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has gone to different versions of Earth.

I am also aware of the Flashpoint movie and comics, where Barry Allen goes back in time to prevent his mother's murder. Then, of course, things get screwed up because of his actions. (Can you say, world destruction?)

But I am not here to give anyone a lecture on what the Multiverse is, especially to those of you who are fans of DC comics. I am merely just expressing my thoughts on what other parts of the Multiverse could possibly exist.

Alfred becomes the Batman.

To say that the entire Wayne family was killed that fateful night in the alley, leaving Alfred without anyone to serve does sound kind of depressing. But after watching the animated Flashpoint movie where Barry Allen goes back in time to save his mother and thus screws up the planet got me thinking about the Wayne family.

In Flashpoint, poor Bruce gets killed in the alley along with the killer. Thomas Wayne becomes a colder and cruel version of Batman, whereas Martha Wayne goes insane from Bruce's death and becomes the Joker instead of the one you know of. This is where my idea comes from.

You already know who Alfred Pennyworth is, the loyal butler to the Wayne family. I have found the Gotham TV version played by Sean Pertwee to be the most bad ass version of Alfred, so why not have a universe where he's Batman? He's got just as much qualification to become the Caped Crusader with his acting abilities, his service record with the Royal Army, and his knowledge of technology. Why not have a part of the Multiverse where he is Batman?

Dieselpunk Earth

This is an image of Earth-2 from season 2 of the Flash TV series starring Grant Gustin.

I am aware of what Earth-2 is like in the DC comics. What if one of the Multiverses was like that from the TV series? An Earth-like society that has art and architecture similar to that of the Roaring 20s and the Great Depression era 30s, but having the technology of the 21st century would prove interesting.


You were probably wondering if I was going to choose this one.

A Nazi-controlled Earth would certainly spice things up for the DC comics Multiverse—especially if they were to face the Nazi version of Superman, or Supergirl.

The real question is as to who will be the heroes in this universe? Will they be similar to the heroes from the Earth-X crossover? or will they be the New Gods from Genesis? Will villains like Darkseid be on the good side and working with the New Gods against the threat of the Nazi-controlled Earth?

'Gods and Monsters'

This part of the Multiverse was probably the most unique one of them all.  In this particular universe, Kirk Langstrom becomes a more vampire-like Batman due to an experiment that went wrong when he was attempting to cure his cancer.

Superman is Herman Guerra, who not only was the last son of Krypton, but was also raised by a family of Mexican immigrants and whose father was General Zod. Being the child of immigrants, he has much disdain for authority and is rather withdrawn from his humanity.

Wonder Woman is named Bekka in this universe. She is the daughter of the High Father and the widow to Orion. Darkseid is not the bad guy in this universe, whereas, the High Father is and thus kills Darkseid along with his son Orion.

This part of the DC Universe should be explored more, and the series should be given a second chance. The movie could have been better. After all, I think Benjamin Bratt made an excellent Latino version of Superman.

Abin Sur arrives on Earth, but never dies.

Those who read the Flashpoint comics know that Abin Sur survived his arrival to Earth, and that, upon being discharged from the Green Lantern, became the White Lantern. What if there was a non-flashpoint part of the Multiverse where Abin Sur still survives, and at the same time, Hal Jordan still becomes the Green Lantern somehow?

I leave it to you the readers to ask these questions about the DC Multiverse.