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What We Want To See In Season 10 Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

Bernadette And Howard To Have Their Baby? Sheldon To Get A Science Breakthrough? What We're Hoping To See In Season 10 Of The Big Bang Theory...

It's rumored that Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory will be the last and final season of the comedy sitcom. That gives us 23/24 episodes left until the end (if it is the last season). There are still some open storylines involved in the show which will need resolving before the show ends. Otherwise we'll all be panicking like Sheldon did when he found out Alphas was cancelled. Below is a list of things we are hoping to see in Season 10. Here's some music to get you going:

Penny's Family

Wyatt and Leonard

The Executive Producer of the show, Steven Molaro, has been speaking to Entertainment Weekly that Penny's family is something that he hopes to expand on within Season 10 of the show. Molaro has given us slight hope that we will see the return of Keith Carradine in Season 10 to reprise the role of Penny's father. Other articles have reported that Penny's mother will be stepping into Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory for their second wedding, which is still to come.

Sheldon To Get A Science Breakthrough

heldon's Fake Smile

It's about time we see Sheldon achieve something he is actually proud of. He may not actually show it around his friends, but it is implied that Sheldon has the highest overall IQ among the seven friends. As he has the highest IQ, why hasn't Sheldon had a science breakthrough yet? Is it something Steven Molaro is leaving until last minute so he can end the show on a happy and upbeat note? If he doesn't get a breakthrough, would there have there been a point in him being the smartest of them all?


Stuart is that laugh-out-loud character we all love to see in the show but we never see anything exciting happen for Stuart. He runs the comic book shop; that's about it. It's time for the show writers to pick up that pen and get ideas onto paper as soon as possible. I think it's time Molaro hooked Stuart up with a girl and open up a storyline for him that could potentially go somewhere.

At the start of the next season, Stuart could find the love of his life and actually depart the show halfway through the series, leaving the comic book store in Leonard and Sheldon's hands. If and when Stuart finds that girl he really likes and leaves, that gives the show creators the potential to write a spin-off show that is based 100% around Stuart and his new lover.

Bernadette breaking the news that she is pregnant

About a quarter of the way through Season 9, the pace and emotions began to pick up as Bernadette announced that she was pregnant. When the Season 9 finale came along, it caught fans attention that she is yet to deliver this baby. Steven Molaro has expressed to the public that they are taking this storyline slowly, realistic and more seriously. As Season 10 goes on, the baby storyline is likely to go one of two ways:

  1. Bernadette delivers the baby safely and happy days. Then maybe Bernadette and Howard decide to move away from Pasadena and start their new life and family somewhere else in the United States.
  2. Bernadette loses the baby. Either a miscarriage or the baby dies during birth. Obviously this would be heartbreaking news not only for the two characters in the show, but for the fans too. Twitter went wild when the penny dropped that Bernadette was pregnant. But it's a possibility. I'd be pretty shocked if they did lose the baby.

By the end of Season 10, the writers could drive each character away from their flats in Pasadena and start a brand new life somewhere else. For Sheldon, leaving that apartment would be devastating, but on the plus side he could move back to Texas and live near his mother.

All we have to do now is wait until the end of October for what is set to be the last ever season of the show.

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What We Want To See In Season 10 Of 'The Big Bang Theory'
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