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Will Felicity Smoak Walk the Same Dark Path as Earth 2's?

Fans would like to catch a glimpse of the darker side of Felicity.

Arrow fans thought they'd seen the darker side of Felicity Smoak in earlier episodes, but Earth 2's Black Siren offered a different take on the IT Tech who's now Mrs. Oliver Queen. The new Laurel Lance described Earth 2's Felicity as ruthless and a woman who runs her own empire. Both of which are the polar opposite of the woman we've known for the past six seasons. And Black Siren has us more than a little intrigued. 

Fans have always known that Felicity is capable of so much more than what she's done so far, especially after seeing her origins as a hacktivist and the steps she was willing to take to root out Prometheus. Now that her husband is in jail and she is separated from her stepson, a different Felicity is beginning to emerge, one that might be more than a little like her Earth 2 doppelganger. 

Most recently, Felicity crossed the line into the grey area between right and wrong by looping Laurel Lance into the Silencer's capture so Black Siren could torture her for Diaz's whereabouts. Even Black Siren's warning that Diaz would need to be killed once he was found didn't seem to sway Felicity. 

Though Rene has tried to pull her back from the edge, his words don't seem to be having an impact. And surprisingly, fans seem to want the normally level-headed Felicity to step across the moral line because the idea of seeing a darker Felicity is tantalizing. 

It's entirely possible writers intend to take Felicity a dark path. With flashes into the future, we see the destruction of Smoak Enterprises and witness her drawing a grown William back to Star City after she supposedly deserted him. Her choices haven't been made clear so, as much as fans would like to give her the benefit of the doubt, Felicity has already stepped across the legal line in the present day. So it's not unfeasible that she does shift her stance.

And maybe it's time to inject some villainy into Felicity, to force Oliver to be her moral compass, the one who has to talk her down from the edge of self-destruction like she's done for him so many times. There's no doubt that the Felicity Oliver knew before he went to prison isn't the same as the one on the outside of Iron Heights fighting to reunite her family. She's laser-focused on finding Diaz, the man responsible for the destruction of her family even though she knows the only way to stop him for good is to kill him. 

Taking Felicity down a murky path of right and wrong would be an excellent way to grow the character, to show that even the best of us can only take so much before drawing a line in the sand.  With Felicity's willingness to have the Silencer be tortured or to torture herself, she's already at a crossroads. 

As Arrow seems to be intent on redeeming Black Siren, the fall of Felicity Smoak could make for a perfect twist. Instead of Oliver fighting to save Star City once he's out of prison, he could be fighting to save his wife from getting to the point of no return. 

If Felicity were to make it her mission to eliminate any future threats to her family by any means necessary, no matter the cost, she could become a version of herself that would require intervention from Team Arrow. Exploring the depths Felicity would go for revenge would mirror Malcolm Merlyn's fall over the edge of reason into insanity. Only this time, it would be happening to a familiar, beloved character and give the team and Oliver an even stronger reason to fight. 

Black Siren made it clear that once a line is crossed, it would be hard for Felicity to get back to the person she was, if she even could. So what if the real villain Oliver has to stop this year is his wife?

#felicitysmoak #oliverqueen #Arrow #blacksiren

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Will Felicity Smoak Walk the Same Dark Path as Earth 2's?
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