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'Wreck-It Ralph' Theory: Was King Candy Vanellope's Father?!

Vanellope, I am your father.

I really wish I was alive back in the late 1970s so that I could be one of the fan theorists who correctly predicted that Darth Vader would be Luke's father in The Empire Strikes Back.

But I was conceived a bit too late for that to happen. But man, plot twists are the best, aren't they? I LOVE plot twists, and it's pretty clear that Disney also loves having their villains be revealed in a twist. An example is the villain in Wreck-It Ralph.

We actually have two twists in this movie. The initial twist is when we discover that King Candy was actually evil the whole time, but the REAL twist is when it's revealed that King Candy was actually Turbo in disguise.

According to the Disney Wiki, Turbo "hijacked Sugar Rush, broke into the game's code room, and transformed himself into a figure known as King Candy."

But this theory states that that isn't true. King Candy actually existed before Turbo arrived, and Vanellope von Schweetz was King Candy's daughter.

You might have trouble believing a theory like that, but I'll lay out the evidence and it'll all make sense in the end.

Today's theory is brought to you by YouTuber Seamus Gorman, and if you haven't already subscribed to him, please do, as he uploads great content about Pixar and Harry Potter. I'll leave his video on the theory at the end of the article.

So, here's the theory!

First, we have to establish that King Candy did exist in Sugar Rush, but he wasn't actually a playable character. The first glaring piece of evidence to suggest that King Candy wasn't supposed to actually play is pretty simple.

Look at all the racers in Sugar Rush.

Those racers are essentially children or at the very least, teenagers. So, you tell me exactly where a crazy old man should end up in a crowd of young children, most of whom are female.

Also, those are some crazy racer names. "King Candy" clearly doesn't sound like it goes with any of those names. So, King Candy was likely just a spectator. In fact, King Candy has the best seat in the house.

Turbo's plan was to disguise himself as King Candy, but if he played, then there would be too many players. So, he had to remove one character, and as we know from watching the film, he removed Vanellope.

In the film, it's made clear that if Vanellope crossed the finish line, the game would remember that she was once a player, and therefore reset to the way it originally was before Turbo hijacked the game. But after Vanellope crosses the finish line and the game resets, we STILL see King Candy's seat in the stands.

Like, if the game was supposed to reset to the way it originally was, and King Candy replaced Vanellope in the race, then how does the reset game end up remembering both Vanellope and King Candy if King Candy was supposed to be a made-up character played by Turbo?

Since the ORIGINAL game contains King Candy's spectator stand, then it's pretty clear that King Candy and Turbo were separate characters. But in Wreck-It Ralph, Turbo has disguised himself as King Candy. So, the question remains... what happened to the REAL King Candy?

Well, if you're a bad guy who wants to impersonate a good guy, but don't want the good guy walking in on you and exposing you, the best thing to do, of course, is kill the good guy.

That means Turbo killed King Candy. And not only that, but at the end of the film when the game resets, we find out that Vanellope is actually the princess in Sugar Rush.

And if we have two characters named King Candy and Princess Vanellope, and princesses are the daughters of kings, that means King Candy is Vanellope's father. AND TURBO KILLED HIM!

So, let's recap Turbo's plan, because it ends up being much more sinister than we thought. Turbo was initially the main racer in the popular arcade game known as TurboTime.

However, TurboTime ends up declining in popularity when another game arrives called RoadBlasters. Turbo, determined to remain the best racer in the arcade, tries to take over RoadBlasters, but as a result, both games end up getting removed.

Turbo secretly survives and goes on to hijack Sugar Rush. Upon discovering that there was no more room for a racer, he murders the leader of the game, assuming his identity and removes his daughter from the game's code while also isolating her, in order to remain the best racer in the arcade.

Wow. You know, I think we can all just agree that this was a REALLY good plot twist.

Anyways, I hope you liked the theory, and again, this theory was made by Seamus Gorman, and his video on the theory is right here:

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'Wreck-It Ralph' Theory: Was King Candy Vanellope's Father?!
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