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I love analyzing, theorizing, and writing about movies and politics. Check out my stories on Pixar movies, Harry Potter, Back to the Future, Star Wars, Die Hard, and WAY more!

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'The Incredibles 2' Olympics Sneak Peek: Breakdown
20 hours ago
Alright, so we're finally getting The Incredibles 2 after fourteen long years of waiting, and we got a brand new sneak peek of the film recently, and I wanted to break it down frame-by-frame and make some predictions about the film.
10 Fun Facts About 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone!'
a day ago
Recently, I wrote an article called "10 Fun Facts You Never Knew About 'Star Wars: A New Hope!'" And to keep up with my "10 Fun Facts" series, this is gonna be ten fun facts about Harry Potter and the...
The 8 Most Anticipated Movies of 2018
5 days ago
Wow. You know, I usually don't watch a lot of movies. Maybe only one or two a year, but this year, I'm gonna have to break out and watch a lot more than that, because there are just way too many good ...
Pixar Theory: Who Is Riley's Monster?
16 days ago
Last year, I wrote an article on the SuperCarlinBrothers's theory that Randall from Monsters, Inc. is Andy's monster from Toy Story. You can click on the link for my article or watch this video if you...
What We NEED to See In 'Die Hard: Year One'
18 days ago
First things first. They're calling it Die Hard: Year One?! They had every chance in the world to call it Old Habits Die Hard, and this was the title they came up with? Shame. Hope they change it. In ...
The Story of Eric Stoltz in 'Back to the Future'
24 days ago
If you're unfamiliar with Eric Stoltz being in Back to the Future, then I don't blame you. Shots like the one above were filmed, but they were, as Doc would put it...