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I love analyzing, theorizing, and writing about movies and politics. Check out my stories on Pixar movies, Harry Potter, Back to the Future, Star Wars, Die Hard, and WAY more!

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Why 'Clifford the Big Red Dog' Makes NO SENSE!
8 hours ago
Clifford needed Emily, so she chose him for her own. And her love made Clifford grow so big that the Howards had to leave their home... WAIT. HOLD ON. BACK THE F**K UP. I SEE MAJOR PROBLEMS WITH THIS ...
'Incredibles 2' Wows Long-Time Fans with Stellar Story and Jam-Packed Action
5 days ago
Dun-dun-DUN-da-daaaaaa!! Dun-dun-dun-da-DAAAAAA!! I am just a little bit obsessed with The Incredibles right now. We have been waiting for a sequel for fourteen years, and we have finally gotten a seq...
10 Sequels We Never Knew Existed!
6 days ago
Sometimes, we get a sequel that's so good we forget about the original. For example, Terminator 2: Judgement Day is so much better than The Terminator to the point where we've almost forgotten how goo...
'Deadpool 2' Lacks Humor Level of the First, but Remains an Exciting Superhero Movie
10 days ago
I have to say, Deadpool is one of Marvel's best movies. It can successfully make fun of all of Marvel's clichés, and in addition to the typical superhero story, it manages to be pretty funny and have ...
Top 10 Best Movie Endings!
19 days ago
When it comes to movies, the ending can make or break a movie. You can have an amazing movie that gets ruined by a bad ending or a bad movie that gets saved by a great ending. Now, I don't really mean...
10 Fun Facts About 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'!
22 days ago
We never saw Voldemort in this book/movie, but Prisoner of Azkaban is definitely one of my favorite Harry Potter installments. The movie is particularly good, and I wanted to write ten fun facts about...