Aaron Dennis

Creator of the Lokians SciFi series, The Adventures of Larson and Garrett, The Dragon of Time series, and more.

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Dragon Warrior Monsters for the GBC
8 months ago
In this special retro review, I’m reviewing Dragon Warrior Monsters. This Gameboy Color game was originally released in Japan as Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry no Wonderland, and is the first video game...
Crystalis for the NES
8 months ago
Crystalis, originally called God Slayer: Haruka Tenkū no Sonata, was released by SNK in 1990. The story begins in 1997, because that was like so far in the future waaay back then, and war engulfs the ...
Legend of the Ghost Lion for the NES
8 months ago
Known in Japan as White Lion Densetsu, and based on a movie of the same name, Ghost Lion is a really cool NES RPG. This game’s mechanics are odd in comparison to other RPGs of the time, and odd in com...
Review of Dragon Warrior 2 for NES
9 months ago
Dragon Warrior 2 is also known as Dragon Quest 2 in Japan, and this is another JRPG, and the second game in the Dragon Quest franchise. The first thing to be said about Dragon Warrior 2 is that Square...
Dragon Warrior for NES
10 months ago
Dragon Warrior for the NES needs no introduction, but I’m going to include one anyway! It was originally released in Japan as Dragon Quest, and since then it has been ported to numerous platforms and ...
Chaos World for NES
10 months ago
Chaos World, an old school RPG originally only released in Japan, but translated quite a few years ago for those willing to hunt it down, is a surprisingly fun game. You start off by making your chara...