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Response to 'The Count of Monte Cristo' (Dumas)
3 months ago
There is one main question Alexandre Dumas asks the reader in the book: Are you rich, or is your life rich? Dumas even uses Edmond Dantes to illustrate this. At the beginning of the book, Edmond is po...
Twisted Minds
3 months ago
Titania = Tatiana Oberon = Oliver Lysander = Alexander Demetrius = Dimitri Hermia = Hermione Helena = Helen Egeus = Edward Theseus = Thomas (Tom) Hippolyta = Heliodora Quince = Quincy Bottom = Steve S...
Maid Marian
4 months ago
Ha! Oh, sorry. Was I not supposed to laugh? I was portrayed as this weak, classically feminine character that was always getting rescued and never saving herself. It was as though Robin never found me...
His Real Last Name
4 months ago
A rich man saw that his daughter, Elizabeth, was good with money, so he bragged to his brother that she could run his pawn shop for him. The first night, he gave her some silver earrings to sell. She ...
Tiger's Wedding
5 months ago
Ananse. I just can't with him. Even when he's in a good mood, he'll trick people just to test their patience and sense of humor about themselves. They're not those accepting smart jokes. It's like he ...
Grimm Characters Story
5 months ago
When the first girl disappeared, there was a minor stir, some condolences for the family, not much else. When the second girl disappeared, only Hansel saw a pattern. I didn't disagree with him when he...