Conor Hufton

getting better at this writing thing (aka slowly learning the alphabet, learnt how to use pen). Spanning critical writing, fantasy, parody and sci-fi (ruining all of them in the process). 
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Top 20: 'The Road To El Dorado'
10 months ago
This is an adventure film from the 2D animation days of DreamWorks. Two conmen find their way to a golden city and maintain the pretence they’re gods. Ok, there’s that review over. One of the most not...
Top 20: 'The Muppet Christmas Carol'
10 months ago
The plot fully describes the title. I’ll need to maximise content elsewhere. Great. The story is an affectionate rendering of the Charles Dicken’s novella, with many of the narrational passages being ...
Top 20: 'Princess Mononoke'
10 months ago
On his travels to cure himself of a supernatural curse, a young man becomes embroiled in a conflict between forest dwellers and industrial workers. We’ve all been there. A complicated, meaningful, and...
Top 20: 'The Ladykillers'
10 months ago
Those ladies certainly were killers weren’t they? They were not, that is not at all the plot of this film. An Ealing studios production in which Criminals lodge with an unsuspecting elderly woman whil...
Top 20: 'The Nice Guys'
10 months ago
Well those guys sure were nice, weren’t they? End of review. You’ll be wishing it was before long. An ill-suited pair of investigators become embroiled in a complex plot involving a girl’s disappearan...
Top 20: Mirror Mirror
10 months ago
Mirror Mirror is a reinvention of the snow white tale that shows snow white as an escapee of her evil stepmother’s clutches and joining the seven dwarves. The reinvention and expansion of the tale is one of the most appealing features, it’s endlessly detailed, giving agency humour and skill to every major character.