Conor Hufton

getting better at this writing thing (aka slowly learning the alphabet, learnt how to use pen). Spanning critical writing, fantasy, parody and sci-fi (ruining all of them in the process). 
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Deliberately Bad Ideas: Hulk and Black Widow Film
3 days ago
The aim of this is to essentially present a badly calculated, unnecessary film plan that hopefully after communal suggestions will become a potentially serviceable MCU plot. Expect inconsistencies and...
Out of 10: 'Black Panther'
5 days ago
One of the newest MCU entries. The new king of a secretly advanced country battles with the morally grey dimensions of his late father’s rule. Very mild spoilers abound — but deliberately avoided for ...
Out of 10: 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'
6 days ago
The sequel to Avengers: Not Age of Ultron (working title- made a lot more sense after the sequel) AI co created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner gains independence and desire to separate the Avengers to...
Out of 10: 'Avengers Assemble'
10 days ago
The film that first saw some of the MCU’s most known heroes coming together. ‘Some of MCU’s most known heroes coming together’ was the original title but changed because it was…awful. Also I’m lying. ...
Out of 10: 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'
13 days ago
Second of the Captain America Films—or last if you count Civil War as Avengers 3...or Iron man 4. That comment wasn’t even funny the first time, apologies. Cap, Black Widow, and allies react to the co...
Out of 10: 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2'
16 days ago
This sequel to one of the MCU’s most triumphant instalments (doesn’t mean much from me- I rarely score below 9). The titular group flee an Alien race and meet an enigmatic figure from Starlord’s youth...