Daniel Brizuela

Began to have an interest in not only writing but also filmmaking and photography in 2008.

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Pop Culture Guy Episode 13: Top 10 Things I've Binge Watched
7 months ago
Having binged on so many things since 2014, this episode had me do a top ten list, along with some honorable mentions, of what I've seen. Keep in mind that this was made over two years ago, and thus I've seen way more things since then so maybe one day I'll do a followup video with another top ten. I've been able to watch many of these shows and movies through various means. These include Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and a few others.
Pop Culture Guy Episode 4: The Comics I've Read So Far
8 months ago
The first in a series of videos wherein I share what comic books I've been reading lately, with small opinions on each. I began to buy and read comic books on a monthly basis since 2015. I've always been interested in reading them, especially as I love to watch superhero movies and tv shows. Never got around to it until then as I was afraid of the large history associated with them. Watching Linkara's Atop the Fourth Wall comic book review video web series finally convinced me to read comics. St...
Pop Culture Guy Episode 2: My YouTube Influences
a year ago
In one of my earliest videos, I talk about the various YouTube channels I watch on a daily basis that have both entertained me and influenced me in some way. I talk about what each channel does and what makes their videos unique from one another.
Pop Culture Guy episode 38: 5 Minute Reviews
a year ago
For my 38th episode of my YouTube video web series, Pop Culture Guy, I did a series of quick reviews of a number of films I hadn't reviewed yet. I was inspired to do it in this style by the Fine Bros early videos, wherein they would tell the ending of certain films, television shows, or even YouTube videos in under a certain amount of time. Some I go into a lot of detail and others not a lot, and not sure if I will ever do it again.
Pop Culture Guy Episode 33: My Favorite Channel Awesome Creators
2 years ago
In this episode I talk about the many creators of the site Channel Awesome that inspire me. In Nostalgia Critic, Doug Walker reviews nostalgic property and at times more modern works through funny remarks, sketches, and recurring characters. In Cinema Snob, Brad Jones acts like a snobby film critic as he comedically comments on horror, porn parodies, cult movies, and any other genre he can get his hands on. In The Last Angry Geek, Brian Heinz, reviews recent comics, analyzes comic book events, a...
Pop Culture Guy Episode 7: Unknown Spotlight—Andrea Romano
2 years ago
One of my early videos for my Pop Culture Guy series, this one is about Andrea Romano. She is a well-known voice acting casting director who helped cast some of the most well-known voices in both 1990s and modern animation. The writing below is taken from a project I had to do wherein I had to research the career of any casting director. In filmmaking, every single job done is as important as the next one in order for the film to be completed. One particular job that is one of the most important...