Dre Joseph

Opinion Writer, Race Essayist, Social Commentator, Stark Bannerman

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First Love
a year ago
You're a young kid growing up in the loud and gang-infested city of Compton, CA...or in one of the quiet suburbs of New England...a town in rural Japan or a war-torn city in Iraq. One day a friend, or parent, or whoever shows you a comic book. It reads "MARVEL" in big bold white letters on a red background. Or maybe it reads "DC" and is encircled, like a badge, with a black and white color theme. There are numbers (#18, #85, #201...) on the cover page, but you have no idea what they mean. It doe...
Black Panther is Coming Y'all
a year ago
There is no other way to say it. This movie is going to be the biggest and most important movie of the superhero genre. Period. This is the first time Marvel Studios will be presenting a film with a nearly all-black cast. I mean, My God? Some of the most winningest Hollywood dramas, based on real-life events, can say that! FACTS. This is an extremely powerful cultural moment for Africa and the entire African diaspora. Why? Because, for centuries, we were represented as either uncivilized slaves,...
Movie Review: "Wonder Woman" Defeats the Box Office
a year ago
When she was first sketched on a blank page, it was 1940, the dark days of the Second World War. A year later she made her first appearance in All Star Comics. Little boys liked her because she was st...