Em E. Lee

Writer-of-all-trades and self-appointed "professional" nerd with an infinite supply of story ideas and not nearly enough time to write them down. Lover of all media, especially fiction and literature. Proud advocate of the short story.

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Pilot Review - 'Villainous,' "The Dreadful Dawn"
12 days ago
Well, this certainly caught me by surprise. For the uninitiated, Villainous (or Villanos in the Spanish version) is a Mexican web series created by Alan Ituriel, that Cartoon Network picked up after i...
Movie Review - 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'
14 days ago
Obviously, any sequel or continuation of any story, especially in the movie business, is inherently pressured to live up to the original's reputation. But Marvel somehow has a very potent immunity to ...
Movie Review—Toy Story 4
23 days ago
According to my mother, the man who looked well over 40 years old that sat next to her started sniffling quietly before bursting into tears at the final scene of Toy Story 4. I immediately figured tha...
Movie Review—'The Secret Life of Pets 2'
a month ago
A couple things I should establish front-up: One; I'm a huge film advocate. Two; I'm perhaps an even bigger advocate for animation in film, no matter the studio or country of origin. I've always belie...