Gavin Spoors

Screenwriter and MA Moving Image and Sound graduate. 

Here you will find me musing on film, animation, gaming and dead philosophers.

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The Retrospective Series: 'The Guest'
4 months ago
With a few projects under their belt now, writer Simon Barrett and director Adam Wingard have distinguished themselves as filmmakers who like to subvert the horror genre. With their fifth partnership,...
The Retrospective Series: 'How to Train Your Dragon 2'
5 months ago
With the final installment hitting our screens soon, I of course had to revisit the previous How to Train Your Dragon films. I may be in the minority here in that my mind always casts back to the sequ...
2018 in Film—The Top Five
5 months ago
Here we are. Another year, another slew of blockbuster sequels and of course another writer slapping together a 'top films of the year' list. Before I dive in, however, I must warn you that the list o...